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Pants! November 11, 2008

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Today I finished up my knit pants in their entirety.  My son just loves to model my knitwear for me and have his picture taken.  I can’t wait until he’s old enough for these pictures to be embarrassing 🙂  Anyhow.  The pants were finished in the knitting phase yesterday afternoon.  I didn’t quite have enough of one fabric to line the pants (I honestly thought about doing an apple print for the front side and plain black in the back just to be quirky) so we made a quick run to the fabric store.  There was a little over a yard left of this cute polka dot fabric in flannel and I just knew it was the right stuff to use.  And hey, for $3 I got pant liner and can make a toy of the leftover stuff!

So here’s Exhibit A of my son wearing the pants.  I used the numbers for an 18 month old since I went to a size 6 needle (the pattern calls for size 5).  I’m hoping that my cousin isn’t too tall and that these pants will be short on her.  😦  If anything they’ll look cute with baby snow boots.  Plus I’m always forgetting that babies/toddlers aren’t like me.  I hate short pants.  I’m sure they’re wonderful for babies so they aren’t always tripping over the miles of extra leg.


Exhibit B is the cable trim on the sides of the pants.


Exhibit C is the polka dot flannel lining.


And even after all of this work knitting a s/s sweater for myself and these pants, I still have 3 skeins left of the yarn.  I’ve got my eyes set on some knit toys and maybe a hat.  And if all else fails I can donate it to Prairie Yarns 🙂


Progress Report November 7, 2008

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I started on one of my legs today.  There’s about 1″ left before I’m done and then I’ll be able to start on the other!  Woohoo!  My only problem was that somehow I got mixed up in what I was doing with the cables.  But you can’t really tell unless you really study it.  🙂  So, so far so good and I’m excited!  Tomorrorw I plan on picking out some flannel to line them.