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And the inspiration just keeps on flowin’ July 2, 2008

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I’ve been anxiously anticipating the arrival of my book from KnitPicks.  Finally it came today and I have just been concocting patterns in my head from the stitches in this book!!!  I only wish there was an actual yarn store in town here so I could bring my ideas into fruitation.  Unfortunately there’s only a Wal-Mart, so I feel many trial runs coming into being soon.

Which book is it that I got?  “Knit & Purl, 250 stitches to knit” from Interweave Pres/The Harmony Guides.  The pictures are fabulous and I’m in love with every single stitch!

This is good for me because I haven’t even begun any work on a project for the Summer KAL/CAL and now that I know it runs ’til September, I have no fear of letting (some of) my projects go uncast on ’til I can get to Boucle’ Yarns in Fargo.  But the one I just thought up of, I may have to run back to Wal-Mart and pick up a few things because the idea is just too good to pass up.  *sigh*

Good thing the hubby’s staying home tonight because then my girlfriend and I can spend a few hours in peacefulness knitting/crocheting!


Gift Bag June 2, 2008

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Last month I knitted myself this purse.

Stupid Wal-Mart ran out of the particular yarn I was using and so I had to find another skein of the same color, but it wasn’t the same type.  My original yarn had a hemp feel to it and the second skein I bought was more wooly feeling.  Anyhow, I knitted it all together and my in-laws were impressed.  Mind you, my artsy crafty in-laws were impressed.  So that made me feel super awesome about myself.

I offered to make the same purse for a girlfriend of mine.  So when I was visiting family, I went to Boucle Yarn.   My SIL helped me pick out this amazing brown yarn and then multi-colored and textured yarn for the strap.  I went back to pick up a second skein of the plain brown yarn to ensure I had enough for the purse.  There would be nothing worse than realizing I don’t have enough yarn and live out of town from the yarn shop.  Good thing too that I bought 2 skeins because as it happened, I severely f*d up and went through the entire first skein.  Luckily the second skein was just enough (and just barely) to knit both the front and back sides of the purse and then I’m working on the strap right now.  She wants a strap that will make the purse sit like a messenger bag, so I think I’ll have just enough to do that.  Then when I’m finished and seam everything together, I plan on beading bits and pieces around the purse.  And maybe, if I’m feeling up to it, knitting a checkbook cover.  Another thing I plan on doing different with this second purse, is to add a liner to it.  I need to do that with my own purse because my needles and keys are always poking through and then stabbing me in the side.

So that is what I’m currently working on.  I hope to finish it tonight or hopefully tomorrow and then I’ve got a fun little project in mind already too.