A Knititng Diary

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Knitting Helpers June 4, 2008

Being a very rough beginning knitter, I have referenced tons of websites.  Studying videos has been the greatest help of all to me and I thought I would share the sites I frequent to get help.

Knitting Help Here you can find videos on just about everything you need to know about knitting.  You can choose between the Continental Style and the English style.  Plus there are pictures to help you know what it’s supposed to look like (most helpful in the increase/decrease section).

Stitch Diva Studios I haven’t watched the entire video yet, but the I tried following along with the tutorial on knitting with dpn’s.  Not an easy feat when someone is bouncing on your lap and stabbing you with the needles.

I thought there were more, but it doesn’t appear to be so.  Another great thing is that many sites (like at Knitty.com) will have a glossary of terms you can reference and then if you are still confused, I simply google the term and find a video.


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