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New finished objects! April 28, 2009

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Over the weekend I finished up the Monkey Socks and a platypus from “World of Knitted Toys”.  I love how the socks turned out and have already worn them.  It isn’t unprobable that I will knit them again in a new color.  From my toy book I found it not that bad to knit animals flat and then seam them up.  The wombat I am now working on does seem to be bigger than it should be, but it does measure a little over 7 inches, which is what the pattern approximated it at.  Unfortunately I ran out of black yarn so the wombat is put on hold ’til further notice.  But since I bought a handful of yarn I simply cast on for a kangaroo and will focus on knitting that ’til I can pick up more black yarn.

Monkey Socks

My mind is just brimming with ideas of what I want to knit next. Since “World of Knitted Toys” is divided into sections and humans to go with each set of animals I really want to knit each ‘section’ to decorate the baby’s room. I think my favorite human knit toy is the Eskimo which is labeled as ‘challenging’ because of the cardigan jacket and hood, but I don’t think it will be that bad. Not only that but I’ve decided that with the remainder of bamboo yarn I have to find an easy baby sleeping gown pattern and knit up a few of those (or at least 2; one for us and one for my aunt). With the remainder of my sock yarn I’ll make a couple of baby hats and I think I’ll throw in some cables for fun. Not only all of this, but I still want to buy some of the organic cotton yarn from KnitPicks and see how that knits up.

Fun fun fun! Pictures to come of my wombat and kangaroo in progress!


Holy buckaroos! April 22, 2009

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It’s a good thing (and possibly a bad thing) that I didn’t go outside and check the mail when I thought I saw the mail carrier pass by. If I had, you can be sure I would not have left the couch for the rest of the day. Which is bad because our library books were coming close to being due and I had lost the receipt saying when exactly they were due. But, crisis averted, we ran our errands in surprisingly record time and guess what I found on my front door step!

World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny!!!! I am sooo excited! My little one helped me page through it and I totally and absolutely want to knit every last toy in the book. Everything is adorable! And, from my brief thumbing through, it seems that nothing is knit in the round. That may be a bad thing as I really dislike seaming. But we’ll see how the first project or ten go before I really decide one way or the other. 🙂

The main reason I wanted to buy the book is because I had queued the platypus toy and saw that in relation there were at least a handful of other things I wanted to knit. But this is awesome that everything in this book really grabs my attention.

Plans are going to have to change on what exactly I’m going to knit next and what yarn I’ll be ordering on Friday!!!!


Monkey Socks April 21, 2009

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Yesterday afternoon I b/o on my first sock!  It fits and everything looks great.  I always get nervous when patterns say to knit ’til 1 1/2″ to the end.  Because when I hold my socks up to my foot (knitted and non alike), they don’t stretch all the way from heel to toe.  So I have to guesstimate how exactly that will work.  Luckily I have a plain pair of socks knit from the same yarn that I was able to measure against.  It takes 6″ from the heel to the beginning of the toe decreases.  I remember to jot that down on my pattern so I won’t have to worry about it with sock #2!

Since by the end of this week/beginning of next week I will be done with my pair of socks, I’ve already begun looking into what I want to knit next.  I know that I told my mom I was adamantly against knitting blankets, but I’m beginning to think that a baby blanket might not be so out of the question.  On Ravelry I queued “Hoodie Baby Blanket” by Nikol Lohr.  Mostly because it doubles as a swaddling blanket AND bath towel!  I am eyeing up the organic yarn from KnitPicks for this project in toffee and then maybe marshmallow for the trim; or I’ll just be boring and do it all in one color.  🙂  We will see!


Monkey Socks! April 18, 2009

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Earlier this week I c/o for the Monkey Socks by Cookie at Knitty.  So far they are coming along fabulously!  The lace pattern is turning out gorgeous and I’m already working on the heel gusset.  My only snag (self-inflicted) is that somewhere while I was turning the heel I ended up with 5 sts left to go on one side and none on the left side.  Does that make any sense?  You know how when you sl1, k/p x number of sts, k/p2tog and then k/p1?  When I attempted to go back so I could fix it, I got confused about which way I was undoing my sts and ended up saying ‘oh well’ and just forged ahead.  Luckily it was towards the end so I’m not sure if/how it will affect the fit of the sock.  But if I get to the end of my sock and try it on and it feels weird, I won’t feel bad about just ripping it all back to the heel beginning.

This past week it was my anniversary and so my husband and I received cards with some cash in it 🙂  After a (very) short debate we decided to split the money to do with as we pleased.  He bought more Warhammer stuff and I found a knit toy book in which I really like 90% of the patterns.  It’s “World of Knitted Toys” by Kath Dalmeny.  The one I really wanted to buy was “And so to Bed” by Lucinda Guy but at Amazon I could only find used copies and KnitPicks no longer had it in stock.  This morning I got an email from Amazon saying that the book I did order had been sent out so I should be receiving it by the end of next week!  Yay!


Birthday Yarn! April 14, 2009

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For my birthday last week I requested a skein of green yarn to knit socks.  My mom did not fail to deliver!  She bought me a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in Spring Tickle.  It’s gorgeous and I’ve already c/o for socks.  Yesterday it was between “Monkey” and “Baudelaire” by Cookie (you can find them both at Knitty).  The deciding factor?  Mostly the fact that my yarn was closer to what was required for “Monkey” than “Baudelaire”; but I am determined to have knit both in the future!

I’ve never done a twisted rib before and was worried for the first 2 rounds that I was doing it wrong; but of course as with all things it take a little while for the pattern to emerge and for you to quit doubting yourself.  🙂  Last night I only knit the cuff for sock 1 but tonight I plan on starting the lace pattern.  Pictures to come soon!


Mutant bootie April 6, 2009

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So yesterday I c/o for yet another set of Saartje Booties but this time combining a strand of bamboo yarn with some of my leftover cream yarn. The end result? A huge mutant bootie. How did I not notice this as I was knitting? It only really came to my attention after I snipped the threads and started weaving the bootie together. *sigh* I may end up turning it into a Christmas ornament 🙂 The colors are gorgeous together, but yes, it could probably fit my almost 3 year old’s foot. And if they didn’t look like Mary Jane shoes I’d probably knit the other one and let him have a go at them.


Baby Item Frenzy April 5, 2009

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I know that my last post said that I haven’t been in the mood for knitting. And I think it’s because I just haven’t found anything that I’ve been wanting to knit. I want to knit things for babies because obviously I’m pregnant and my aunt is also expecting. But at least they know the gender of the baby; I’m still in limbo and therefore it makes it a little difficult to whittle down exactly what I want to knit. Sure I can do generic baby hats and booties, but you’d be surprised at how hard you have to dig to find a pattern that you like and that fits the materials you already have. *sigh*

I knit a second pair of Saartje Booties in yellow and this time the ‘correct way’ (i.e. flat).  They turned out looking more like the picture (surprise surprise!).  I just need to buy some buttons and they can be ‘done’; but I really like how quickly they knit up and it’s not a pain to seam them together either, so that’s an extra plus!
Yellow Saartje Booties

Before I hadn’t had the best of luck knitting hats. I could never quite get the decreases right and so the tops were…wonky. But voila, I managed to knit a hat that didn’t have (too much of) a nob nosed tip. When I began the hat I wasn’t 100% sure that it’d fit a baby’s head (although baby heads are pretty small) but I c/o anyway and hoped for the best. I knit using the charcoal yarn I ordered from Prairie Yarns forever ago (can’t even remember the name of it now) with the intent of felting it afterward. Now that it’s finished I like it so much in just the simple stockinette stitch that I will just have to remember not to throw it in the washer. Ever. Since all the baby items are still stuffed in storage, I tried it on our Snowman cookie jar head (that’s why there’s a carrot nose poking through the bottom). I’ll be blocking it later so the rim sits flat.

Charcoal baby hat

While going through my bags of yarn downstairs I discovered that I still had some soft organic cream colored yarn that would make great bootie/hat combination (if there’s enough left; I think there’s only enough left for one of those items) and I’m going to use up the bamboo yarn for baby things too. Either I’ll double strand the cream and green for booties or I’ll figure something else out. Either way, I think until I get that magic ultrasound that says boy/girl, I might be bent on using up all my gender neutral yarn. 😀