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Just like I said October 31, 2008

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picture time!

Global Warming

I used the Plymouth Yarn that my hubby bought me in Seattle to make “Global Warming”. It was a very fast knit and turned out lovely. As you can see I omitted the kangaroo pockets. I like the pockets, but after I tried on this part of the sweater, I preferred it the way it is, so therefore my decision to not add pockets! Having knitted two sweaters, I am mostly over my fear of circular needles. 🙂


1st sweater

Then these two lovely pictures are of the Textured Tunic I found in “Fitted Knits”. Looooove the buttons that my son and I picked out to use. It’s not that itchy when I wear a tank/cami underneath it and that doesn’t make it too warm either. I wore it out and about last Friday and nothing terrible happened, so I feel confident wearing it in more public places. Plus when I sewed on the buttons, I gave myself a little insurance with some weaved in yarn through the flaps. 🙂


I love my hobby October 29, 2008

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I love how relaxing it is to sit down in the afternoon, turn on some tunes (or podcasts) and slip into the ease and joy of knitting.  Hearing my needles softly clicking together as I deftly maneuver my needle through each stitch and pull the yarn through is musical.  But what I love most about knitting, is once you reach the point where your project is beginning to look like what you are knitting.  I admit that a lot of times I’ll only be a few repeats into my pattern and think “Wow, this looks ugly and nothing at all like the picture”.  But persevere I must and after a few more repeats, it finally looks just like the picture.

I’m a little more than halfway done with my Global Warming sweater.  Yesterday I knit up to where the sleeves will be added.  One thing I noticed is that the pattern calls for the yarn to be doubled up.  Which obviously I didn’t.  I remember thinking about it and then wondering if doubling the yarn would make it too thick and therefore too warm.  If it’s too warm, I won’t wear it.  I get warm pretty easily and plan to wear this s/s sweater with a long sleeve tee under it.  So with where I’m at and with how much I have to left to go, I know that I won’t be using all 11 skeins of yarn my husband bought me.  In fact, I’ve only used 2 so far and am just dipping into my 3rd.

What I’m thinking is that after I’m done with this sweater, I will see how many skeins I have left and either knit a duplicate sweater for someone (they’d have to fit into a xs/s) or knit the gorgeous tube top in the “Fitted Knits” book.  Lastly, I was thinking of knitting up a sweet sweater for my little cousin Fiona, whose birthday is in December.  So many decisions.  🙂

Hopefully I’ll finish my sweater tonight and will be able to take pictures of both of my sweaters tomorrow.

One last thing I have to think about is what projects I will want to start so when my friend and I go to the cities, I’ll know what I’m looking for.  Because I was definitely going to buy some sock yarn and then hopefully get some yarn for a specific project.  My trip is coming up quick (just a couple weeks!) and I also have to chart out our stops on a map so I don’t get lost.  One thing I’m a little nervous about is that there’s a Yarn Hop to the same stores the weekend before we are going, and I’m hoping that they don’t sell out of all the good stuff before we get there!