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I admit to not knitting July 27, 2008

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This weekend we went camping.  Now, this is kind of funny because whenever my parents moved around (due to being in the military) we would camp our way to the next spot of residence.  And we tented it.  But now it seems that I have become more….luxurious in the way I camp I guess you can say.  There’s not a chance in hell you would catch me tenting it.  In fact, my little family was indulged by being able to rent a cabin for the 3 days we were there.

At first I thought it would be a great chance to bring along the knitting I haven’t been able to devote a whole lot of time to.  But as I thought about the amount of time I’d be spending on the beach sunbathing and maybe skiing and tubing…..the possibility of knitting became slimmer and slimmer until it became an aburd reality.  There is absolutely no way I was going to be caught knitting while it was 90 degrees outside.  Oh no.  Not even in the car on the way there or back did I knit.  It sat serenly at home with my cats while I was attacked by leeches and water.

In the end I’m glad I didn’t take my  knitting along because 1) I would have ignored it and made it feel quite lonely and 2) the bugs would have nested into it like my laundry and I would have smushed bug guts into my fabulous yarn.  As it is my knitting will just have to wait because tubing and skiing just drained the life out my limbs and even looking at my knitting makes my muscles groan in pain.  But if you want to hear a funny story, this is how I got the leeches.

After the second round of super tubing, of which I finally fell off at least 3 times, we were rounding up the water skiis to put back into the boat.  I remember slipping into some nasty super mud and going “Ugh, shouldn’t have stepped there!”  Upon coming onto shore and toweling off, I try to scrub off a leaf.  Then I go “Is that a leech?”  And EVERY body freaks out.  If I were them, I would have freaked out too.  Instead I was like “OH MY GOD THER ARE LEECHES ON MY LEG AND FOOT!”  Someone pulled the big leech off of my ankle and then we went up the hill to scrub off the hordes of baby leeches off my foot.  I honestly can’t say it hurt, but having your husband scratching the hell out of your foot to flick off baby leeches who have nestled in between all of your toes and on the sides of your feet, is NOT pleasant.  I’m just glad this happened after all of my fun had been had because otherwise there’s not a chance in hell you could have convinced me to go back out into the water.

But the Chinese delivery is calling out my name, plus more wine (which really I don’t need, but kind of do).  So be on the lookout this week for a finished set of socks plus maybe updates on my blankets!


2 Responses to “I admit to not knitting”

  1. Miss 376 Says:

    Sounds like fun, My boys wouldn’t help get rid of them though, they’d be too busy watching them!

  2. ndscribbler Says:

    It was funny because everybody else (my MIL, cousin, SIL and whatnot) ran away screaming from me! But everyone else was like “Oh, ew.”

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