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Outback Zoo May 7, 2009

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My zoo is growing a little bit day by day. Today I finished up my sheep and I promise promise promise myself that I will finish my wombat tomorrow. Come on, three little legs left! I just keep getting wrapped up in my new (and better) projects. But after seeing Kath Dalmeny’s to scale models on Ravelry I feel confident in the way my animals are turning out. Without further adieu, here is my sheep and sheep & kangaroo.

Side Sheep
Kangaroo and Sheep


Mama Roo and Baby Roo May 4, 2009

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I wish that the book I’m knitting these animals out of showed a ‘to scale’ version of each animal. As I’ve been knitting the last few I’ve felt paranoid that I’m making them way too huge. Even though in the end they measure to the approximate size given, it throws me off to see my finished toy and what’s shown in the book. But despite all of that I have persevered and now have added a Kangaroo & Joey to my collection of toys and as soon as I quit procrastinating, a wombat. I knit all of the Mama Kangaroo flat just like the directions told me to and absolutely hated seaming the body up the front. Maybe nobody else will notice, but the (not so hot) seaming job I did drives me nuts every time I look at it. I knit the Joey in the round because honestly I didn’t want to deal with seaming on something so small. Pre ear adding my Joey looked like a crazy alien (I did I-cord for his arms and legs instead of what the directions said) and now post ear adding he kind of looks like a Gremlin. Good thing I intend to keep him in his mama’s pouch 🙂

Last night I c/o for a sheep who is labeled as pretty easy. I plan on following the directions ’til we get to the horns; they look like perfect excuses to knit an I-cord and curl it up! Hopefully tonight I manage to knit the last 3 legs for my wombat and put some eyeballs on him. 🙂