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Rebate money = new yarn and projects! January 21, 2009

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Yesterday I received my rebate card from Verizon.  They always get me on the fine print when I go to order a new phone!  The story in a nutshell is basically my lovely Chocolate phone I got the last time we were up for an upgrade somehow found its way into a drunken bath and died.  In its stead I bought a used phone off of Ebay which slowly worked its way to the junkyard (not my fault).  So this year I was overjoyed when I discovered that I could get a brand new phone with a huge discounted price!  Yay for me!  I can’t exactly say I’m a tech junkie, but if I can get a LG Dare for $30, I’m doing it!  Here’s where the fine print comes into play.  It’s $30 after a $50 mail-in rebate.  Doh!  But I sucked it up and bought the phone and have had it for a couple of months without any mishaps.  Yesterday I actually received my rebate card (it’s really cool; they put it on a Visa cash card).

I spent all day yesterday and most of my evening last night contemplating what I wanted to do with my new $50.  Should I splurge on one big item that I’d never in a million years buy?  No matter how many websites I checked and rechecked, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to part my money with for.  I should have known all along that it would end like this.  Why did I bother to fight it?

I searched through Ravelry and tried making my search as detailed as possible without ending up with the same 2 results (or none at all).  It isn’t that I’m *that* picky; it’s that I like something simple and not too short or super long.  Okay, maybe I am that picky.  Either way it took me over 300 pages of looking to find the one.  From Stitch Diva Studios I paid for the Silken Scabbard sweater pattern.  It’s gorgeous!!!!  From there I picked yarn from KnitPicks (of course!) and bought some new needles!

With this sweater it’ll be my first chance working with interchangeable circular needles.  I know that fundamentally it won’t be different, but I’m kind of excited because now I won’t have to buy the full thing anymore; I can hopefully just buy the tips!  The pattern suggested using Elegance yarn, but I fell absolutely in love with Storm from the Merino Style Yarn.  Isn’t it beautiful?!

Needless to say with the help of a DQ pitstop last night and my splurge at KnitPicks, I now have to figure out what to do with the leftover 30 cents on my card 🙂

Socks for my dad are going great.  After a marathon weekend of knitting the first sock, my hand was feeling crampy so I took off a day or two from it.  Last night I knit a few rounds but was distracted and today I tried to pick it up again until my mom called.  Hopefully tonight I’ll get more done and then on Friday I hope to finish!

My uncle contacted me to let me know that he still wants me to knit a hat for him and he’s just working on buying the yarn.  We picked a nice blend of merino wool and qiviut and I can’t wait to see how that works out when it comes!  It looks like my plate will be full for awhile; my schedule looks like this:

1. finish socks for dad

2. start on purse(s) for Etsy

3. knit hat for uncle (if yarn is here) or

4. knit sweater for me

Not only that, but I want to look into baby rompers for my aunt who is pregnant!  They are going to have a July baby (just like mine!) and I think that some cool clothes are in order.  Literally!


They call me….. October 24, 2008

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…quick stitch McGraw.  Okay, not really.  But this past week my mom has been staying with me and I have to giggle at the fact that I’ve already knit a pair of mittens and flew through several rounds of my pointelle shawl while she’s c/o, crocheted, rippped out and c/o again, crocheted, ripped out, and so on and so forth at least 5 times this week.

It all started Monday when I called to remind her that she should bring some knitting/crocheting because of the ladies who come to my house and knit.  So Tuesday night she wanted to get busy reintroducing herself to a project that had been gathering dust for a little bit.  This set off the chain of events that leads us to the several afghan froggings.  But as I type, she’s busily working on Stashaholics Brain Dead Afghan except instead of the purple/raspberry colors, she’s using green tones.  I really hope that she has better luck with making this one work; I’m sure she will, but I’m no help as I don’t crochet.

What else is cool is I signed my mom up for an invitation to Ravelry and told her to head straight to Boucle’ next week and inquire as to a knitting group or some help relearning to knit.  Whether or not she does this, I’m not sure, but I hope she does.  Some of the stuff she made back when she was really into it is super amazing.  In her house there’s this huuuuuge (and it is ginormous) tan colored knit blanket.  It is super thick and miles long and amazing.  Anyhow, I know that she’d have a blast connecting with other knitters much like I have!

So my hubby’s coming home Saturday and he’s brought me a little gift from a yarn store in Seattle!  I can’t wait to see what exactly he got me and then to start knitting up my second sweater!  It’s funny that the first item you make when you’re learning to do something (use circular needles, make clothing, etc….) can make you so nervous.  Then after you’re done, you feel like you can conquer the world!  Maybe it’s just me, but I am ready to take on some more knitting challenges!


Project Finito! June 3, 2008

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I finished up Heidi’s purse today and I am sooooo relieved!  The entire project felt as if I were just relying on that last little bit of yarn or luck to pull me through.  I didn’t have enough yarn to make the strap long enough to be worn messenger style, but it looks cool nonetheless.  My son wanted to help me bead the front of the purse and as a result I stabbed my palm a few times.  Ouch!  I made a removable liner (it’s just pinned in with safety pins) so she could take it out and wash it since the purse itself is spot clean only.  Plus I’m pretty sure I would have shattered more of my sewing machine needles attempting to do it that way.  My sewing machine hates me some days.  Once I was all done and finished, I wrapped it up and wrote her a cute note, slapped it on the some scrapbook paper, put some of those cute swirly rub ons around it and chopped it up with frilly borders.  I knew that if I didn’t give it to her today, there was a huge possibility that I would keep the purse for myself.  I did manage to take a few pictures before though and I’ll work on getting those put up tomorrow.  But hurray!  I’m done!

My next project is a pair of baby slippers from Knitty.com.  Today I tested myself to see if I would even get the pattern right before I went full force into it.  So far so good until I got to the part where you connect the sole of the shoe with the toe.  There was only one stitch that managed to get right in between, otherwise everything went awesome.  So I feel confident that starting tomorrow I’ll go full force with it.


Gift Bag June 2, 2008

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Last month I knitted myself this purse.

Stupid Wal-Mart ran out of the particular yarn I was using and so I had to find another skein of the same color, but it wasn’t the same type.  My original yarn had a hemp feel to it and the second skein I bought was more wooly feeling.  Anyhow, I knitted it all together and my in-laws were impressed.  Mind you, my artsy crafty in-laws were impressed.  So that made me feel super awesome about myself.

I offered to make the same purse for a girlfriend of mine.  So when I was visiting family, I went to Boucle Yarn.   My SIL helped me pick out this amazing brown yarn and then multi-colored and textured yarn for the strap.  I went back to pick up a second skein of the plain brown yarn to ensure I had enough for the purse.  There would be nothing worse than realizing I don’t have enough yarn and live out of town from the yarn shop.  Good thing too that I bought 2 skeins because as it happened, I severely f*d up and went through the entire first skein.  Luckily the second skein was just enough (and just barely) to knit both the front and back sides of the purse and then I’m working on the strap right now.  She wants a strap that will make the purse sit like a messenger bag, so I think I’ll have just enough to do that.  Then when I’m finished and seam everything together, I plan on beading bits and pieces around the purse.  And maybe, if I’m feeling up to it, knitting a checkbook cover.  Another thing I plan on doing different with this second purse, is to add a liner to it.  I need to do that with my own purse because my needles and keys are always poking through and then stabbing me in the side.

So that is what I’m currently working on.  I hope to finish it tonight or hopefully tomorrow and then I’ve got a fun little project in mind already too.