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Not now honey, I’m counting! June 30, 2008

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I guess I can also count this as a knitting confession.  But it really irritates me when my husband sees that I’m concentrating on my knitting and then proceeds to ask me a question that requires more than a grunt response.  Instead of asking “Do you want chicken or fish” he says “What do you want for dinner?”  Or he’ll saunter in and say “What’d you do today?”  More often than not he’ll ask about what my plans are or what do I think about such and such.  Really?  Come on, you know that I’m busy and probably having trouble keeping track of how many stitches I’ve knit so far, so why do you insist on conversing with me?!

I’m working on Sally the Eco Fairy (found here at Knitty) but with a few tweaks.  Originally I wanted to knit the Woodins, but it requires more dpn’s than I currently own.  So I decided to knit this doll.  But since I bought white and brown yarn yesterday and don’t want to buy yet another skein of yarn, I’m knitting the doll brown and will use crazy yarn my MIL gave me for hair and instead of knitting clothes, I think I will sew some for her.  If all turns out well, I will knit one for my cousin’s birthday around Christmas.

Well, in knitting the head, I discovered that attempting to knit in the round with a stuffed head is difficult.  Everything turned out okay, but it took me a bit to gather my senses about it.  I plan on knitting the doll in parts.  Obviously you have to knit her in parts, but I’m going to try and do only one part/day.  That way I don’t burn myself out.  There’s nothing worse to me than having to leave my knitting on dpn’s.  I always come back confused about where I was and what I was doing.  The head is all finished so I think I will knit the ears and maybe the hair and call it a day.


Now what to do June 19, 2008

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I’ve knitted a bigger swatch on my dpn’s and have decided I’m ready for an actual project.  The only problem is that I don’t know what to do.  My second (successful) try on the dpn’s involved 60 stitches and just the basic garter stitch for about 1″.

I’ve been perusing my favorite knitting pattern websites and can’t find anything that works off of dpn’s.  They all seem to call for the dreaded circular needles.  😦  So I think I might have to draft up something myself and have a go at it.

Tonight I’m going over to my girlfriend’s house to do some knitting.  We haven’t gotten together since last week because last night I had a picnic to go to.  But I’m looking forward to it and seeing how far she’s come along on her crocheted blanket.  Another thing I’m thinking about doing and will probably do tomorrow, is go to the library and see what kinds of knitting books they have available.


I have conquered the DPN’s!

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I have been fighting with DPN’s ever since I got them.  The past couple of days I have been fighting with them again because I am darned determined to figure this out.  Well finally today I knitted something small and in the round with my dpn’s.  I am ready to take on something new and exciting.  And hopefully not too difficult that may or may not get me poked in the eye with a dpn.