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Dabble dabble May 14, 2009

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Yesterday I was scratching my head as to what I want to knit next. None of the baby patterns I have queued on Ravelry are really striking my fancy (plus I don’t have appropriate yarn to start any of them). I turned my head to the yarns I do have tucked away downstairs and I zeroed in on some celery colored bamboo yarn that’s been waiting to be knit since November. Now that I’m kind of in a lull, I thought about finding a pretty shawl pattern to use up this yarn but after searching through several pages, thought it may easier if I just threw one together myself. After all it’s simply two triangles stitched together with a pretty pattern on both sides, right? Of course.

So last night I looked up some knit sts at Knitting Fool and c/o to do an Italian Chain Shawl. Or something to that effect. Four and a half inches later I’ve decided that I don’t really like how singularly the chain is coming out. And I think what really makes it annoying is that it’s surrounded by garter stitch and I really do not like the look of garter stitch. So I simply bound off and have it as a reference for any future endeavors. Important things I learned from this?

1. How to incorporate a pattern within the realm of making a triangle
2. Making a triangle 🙂
3. Waiting ’til you get at least a few inches into it before deciding that you really hate it instead of doing 2 rows and hating it right off the bat.
4. Pick a lace stitch that isn’t a chain but that can fan out

Possibly later tonight I will get started on something new or I’ll just take a hiatus until I figure out what I really want to do next. Or I’ll fall back on this adorable penguin in my book that’s calling my name to be knit. 🙂


But where are the pictures?!?! August 5, 2008

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They don’t exist.  Well, that’s not true.  A few weeks ago I attempted to take pictures of my wip’s, but they didn’t turn out very good.  I think later today I will only stretch out a little bit of my Little Birds blanket and snap a few shots so you can get a feel for what I’m doing.  Then with the pointelle shawl, well, that may have to wait ’til it’s finished because it’s terrible trying to showcase the intricacies of it.  *sigh*

On a good note though I’ve decided what to do concerning the rest of my Little Birds blanket.  At KnitPicks I found a few different shades of green that I can add into what I’ve started already.  The only bad thing is that the color I would do next isn’t available until the beginning of September.  But then at least I could buy some yarn to quick knit up the new knitting bag and I’d come full circle by September’s start to keep truckin’ on my blanket.

The other thing I’ve been working on but not real whole-heartedly is a cloche hat designed by Cirilia Rose.  I’m thinking it’s me and my utter lack of being able to read through ALL of the instructions, but so far my hat does not seem as if it will be big enough for my head.  Which is funny because usually hats that end up in my wardrobe are slightly too big.  Hm.  Maybe I will have to let out some of the hot air and then it’ll fit.  😀  Or I could just add it to the box of goodies that is becoming more and more fun stuff for my cousin Fiona than any birthday presents for Carter.  Speaking of which (I know, I’m jumping ALL over the place today), the socks I started for Carter are pretty much a lost cause.  I think I’m just going to knit him a toy lobster like Jax’s (except all the same color) and maybe another toy.

I hope to get a lot more done next week.  This week my husband is working overtime (he didn’t get home ’til 7 last night!) so I’m not seeing a whole lot of knitting in my future.  But starting this Friday (I think) I’m going to become a semi-permanent fixture on my friend’s couch watching the Olympics and knitting my heart away.


Who’s an overachiever? I AM! July 5, 2008

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It’s day 5 of the Summer KAL/CAL and I’ve already got one project under my belt.  My husband didn’t want to model it for me, so I’m going to wait and take pictures in better light and then post them!  I have to admit that I’m a little nervous about subjecting myself to other people’s opinions.  But all kinds of people around town have complimented me on my knitted items, so that makes me feel better.

And now that I have at lest one thing finished, I’m going to go back to work on my shawl ’til I can order more yarn!


Side 1 June 26, 2008

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Originally uploaded by scribblerdahl

I didn’t pin this down so that’s why the bottom is all curly. You can see I did 4 sets of ribbing and then stockinette stitch in between. It is 21″ wide and 12 1/2″ tall. The fabric you see behind it is what I plan to use as a liner. I also have this beautiful dark blue fabric with light blue stars on it that I am thinking about making pockets with to go on the liner. What’s up for debate now is if I plan on using it for toting around my son’s stuff or for my knitting. And to be honest, it could be used for both. Or I could just make another one for my knitting stuff! Hopefully by tomorrow I will have this finished so I can bring it to the Air Show on Saturday. I’m only a few inches into the back half of the purse though.

I decided to do the back in straight up st st because 1) I’m lazy and 2) so I know which side is the front. As far as the straps go, I was playing with the idea of doing bright white in a k/p rib, but it depends on if I have enough blue yarn left or if break down and buy another skein. I really don’t want to because I’ve had this white yarn in my house for at least 2 years. Something needs to be done with it.

KnitPicks e-mailed me and let me know that all of my things should be here anywhere from 5-14 days. I really hope it comes soon so I have something new to work on! I’m excited to knit together the shawl I found at Vogue Knitting and I really want to have it finished for when we go camping in a few weeks. If my yarn doesn’t come soon, I think I will buy a light colored yarn and crochet a floppy hat I also found online at Vogue Knitting. Anyhow, it’s back to the grind for me!


I knew that black was a bad choice June 10, 2008

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I have had this black yarn for God only knows how long.  I’m not even sure why I bought it to begin with.  But thusfar it’s been used to make mini knitted sushi rolls and….that’s about it.  So why I decided to use it in conjunction with my multicolored pink yarn, I have no idea.

I’m about halfway done with the shawl as it is.  And the entire time I’ve been knitting with the black yarn I have had nothing but problems.  Mostly because the entire skein was a big knot that got worse and worse the more I pulled on it and tried to untangle it.  Finally last night after fighting with the yarn for 15 minutes, decided to cut my ties and attempt to straighten everything out once and for all.  It took me maybe an hour to slowly pull out my working yarn and rewrap it into a manageable ball.  I’m pretty sure I have enough to finish off the section that will be in black and the rest of the ball is now in the garbage.  But this will be a lesson to me to not ever think about using old yarn that’s already in a knot for future projects.  I’d rather just buy a whole new skein and go from there.

On a plus note, the shawl is looking fabulous and I almost don’t want to give it as a present!  But I know that my SIL will look fabulous in it!


The number 3 June 5, 2008

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Three is the number of knitting projects I’ve successfully finished and am proud to say I knitted.  I’d post a picture but my laptop is being dumb and won’t recognize my camera which is correctly all plugged in with the fancy Sony gear.  Grr.

The one thing I should have realize before is that my shawl will need twice the number of stitches to make it long enough.  But, too impatient to care, I cast on the 24 stitches and had a go at it.  Well, I’m all finished now (this is a great day project by the way) and it’s more cool scarf than awesome shawl.  But either way, I love it.

My husband’s great grandmother turns 90 (maybe a bit older…) next month.  Four days after my son turns 2.  She is the most adorable old lady I have ever known.  In honor of her birthday, I am going to knit her the actual shawl in the softest baby blue.  That is my project for tomorrow in addition to cleaning up the guest room/crap exploded everywhere room.  Once technology stops irking me, I’ll post some pics!