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The number 3 June 5, 2008

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Three is the number of knitting projects I’ve successfully finished and am proud to say I knitted.  I’d post a picture but my laptop is being dumb and won’t recognize my camera which is correctly all plugged in with the fancy Sony gear.  Grr.

The one thing I should have realize before is that my shawl will need twice the number of stitches to make it long enough.  But, too impatient to care, I cast on the 24 stitches and had a go at it.  Well, I’m all finished now (this is a great day project by the way) and it’s more cool scarf than awesome shawl.  But either way, I love it.

My husband’s great grandmother turns 90 (maybe a bit older…) next month.  Four days after my son turns 2.  She is the most adorable old lady I have ever known.  In honor of her birthday, I am going to knit her the actual shawl in the softest baby blue.  That is my project for tomorrow in addition to cleaning up the guest room/crap exploded everywhere room.  Once technology stops irking me, I’ll post some pics!