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Fiber Lust November 30, 2008

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I don’t know why I feel compelled to put other’s through the agony of me yarn shopping.  It’s ridiculous, it truly is.  I can sit there for an hour debating on what I want to get.  And there are a number of reasons why.  Usually I don’t have any specific project in mind so I have no idea of how much yarn I even want to get in the first place.  The second reason is related to cost.  Do I really need to buy *another* skein of $25 sock yarn?  No.  But guess what, I did after debating for thirty minutes about it.  My latest yarn shop adventure happened the day before Thanksgiving with my mom.  I think she had only been in this particular yarn store once, but the whole thing is still new to her.  So we went and while she knew exactly what she wanted, I had to wander back and forth musing over either more sock yarn (mostly for my dad’s socks), making a felted purse or stocking up on this gorgeous fluffy yarn that I will never get to because I’ll need to buy fatter needles in the future.  Luckily my mom had nowhere to be, so putting up with my browsing wasn’t a problem.  Eventually I ended up buying this gorgeous wool yarn that’s made in Italy (if I remember correctly).  It’s a soft pink, purple, cream and light brown blend in various thickness.  My plan is to use either size 7 or 8 needles (maybe even 6 since I have those in circular) and knit a messenger like bag from it.  If things go well then I may go into mass producing those suckers.  Who knows, everything’s all up in the air about just about everything.

This is all the yarn I received from my yarn hop a couple weeks ago.  1.  Smooshy Sock Yarn in Flamingo Pie (I’ve already started knitting socks and it’s lovely !)  2.  Corn Yarn that my MIL bought me.  I saw some great examples of kid’s clothes to make from it!  3.  Bamboo yarn from my MIL.  It was suggested that wraps or light airy things are ideal.  In my mind I’ve got both a Vogue Knitting wrap in mind or a few light vests.  It is soooo soft!  4.  Wisdom Yarns Poems.  It’s wool and the way the color just goes back and forth between blue and green shows up nicely in my scarf.  5. Then of course the Plymouth Yarn that is 100% Alpaca.  I whipped up the little lamb for my cousin Fiona’s birthday which is next month.

Smooshy Yarn Corn Yarn Bamboo Yarn Wisdom Poems

Eco yarn This became this: Lamb I

So after the stress and hubub that is a family holiday, I was extremely relieved to hear that both the kidlets and parents adored my knit gifts and ooohed and aahed extensively over the knitwear I myself wore!  🙂  One uncle was so impressed that he has requested I knit him a hat (we’ve got it all worked out already) and possibly other items in the future such as a thinner sweater and some socks!  So yay!  Once I get more organized here at home, I’ll post pics of my socks and nightie in progress then of course of the yarn I bought!


So many balls of yarn!!! November 20, 2008

Our mini yarn hop was a huge success!  We only got lost the one time in Fergus Falls (note to self: next time write down the names of the yarn stores alongside directions); otherwise it was a breeze!  I was very pleasantly surprised to see the gorgeous yarn my MIL bought for me.  In a big bag were several skeins of bamboo yarn in a celery green and then a few skeins of corn yarn in a green/brown/cream combination.  Sofrtly after our arrival in Fargo we immediately headed out for Boucle and then Prarie Yarns.  I know I said that I wanted to buy nothing but sock yarn, but so  many other yarns were calling out my name!  At Boucle I picked up Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in Flamingo.  It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to knit with it!  While I was there I also got some ideas on what to knit with the bamboo and corn yarn.  They had a few examples hanging up in the front.  At Prairie Yarn I saw some new yarn that I had never seen before.  It’s Wisdom Yarn Poems.  I picked up a sky blue/green/purple blend to make a scarf out of to match my mittens.  Immediately Monday night I c/o for my scarf and am working 3 different rows of the Twisted Taffy cable from Lion Brand.  So far it’s turning out just lovely.

In Fergus Falls we swung by Crate of Yarn and spent a good chunk of time touching all the soft yarn and thinking about what we should get.  I didn’t splurge here, I picked out a skein of eco-friendly recycled yarn in a cream color to knit up another doll for my cousin.  Our last yarn stop on Tuesday was at Dream in Color in Alexandria.  I loved ALL of their yarn.  Everything was amazing and soft and I truly wanted to buy just about everything I touched.  There was some Uruguay (sp?) yarn in bright orange that caught my eye and I kept wandering back over to it.  But as much as I loved it, I just didn’t know what I would knit with it!  If I knit a sweater, would I wear it?  Am I an orange color person?  Then I saw bright blue yarn that would be lovely for a sweater for Jax, but there was only one skein and I didn’t see anything that I would like to pair it up with.  So after a long perusal, I sadly left empty handed.  😦

Due to a long day and having gotten lost a number of times in the cities, we decided to take the well worn way home.  No funny highways or stops; I think we were extremely glad to be on our way back home to where roads don’t suddenly turn into one ways and ppl are nice enough to let you in when you realize that you should have made a left 3 blocks earlier.  We made a pit stop in Albertville where sadly I didn’t see any yarn stores.  Not that I was really expecting to, but that would have been cool.  But we made it home safe & sound and I am eager to work with all the yarn I got!

I can’t end this post without talking about the play!  The play was fabulous!  We were in the second row and I couldn’t have been happier.  It was so much better than I had dreamed it would be (even w/o the original cast).  The actors/actresses were superb and their singing was dead on.  I remember thinking how in awe of them I was.  To be able to sing in a strong voice and follow the music while the person you’re singing a duet with is singing on a completely different level, it’s breathtaking.  I had tears in my eyes when they sang “Defying Gravity”.  Not only is it my favorite song of the musical, but thinking of how it relates to Elphaba breaking from the mold and going out on her own and the words…I’m a nerd, I know, but I was very giddy about it.  What was super cool is that one of the ladies who sat in front of us, whipped out her knitting during intermission!  I wished I had thought to bring mine!  I was tempted to ask her what she was working on, but I didn’t know if that would make me look like some kind of weirdo.  At the end of the night I was lucky enough to get a l/s t-shirt in my size!  This is when being small comes in handy; all they had left were xs and s, so yay for me!

I’ve taken pictures of all my yarn, I just have to get on the ball and upload them.  So as soon as I can, they’ll be posted in all their glory here!  🙂


The “Wicked” Yarn Hop November 17, 2008

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Tomorrow my friend and I are going to start our unofficial yarn hop.  We will actually be hitting up one (or maybe both) of the Fargo yarn stores tonight, but tomorrow once we get on the road, we have two specific destinations in mind.  The first will be in Fergus Falls and then other in Alexandria.  I’m super excited to see what other yarn shops have and I hope that I find some cool stuff!  It’s nice to know that I’m not really in the market for anything specific, mostly whatever is small and catches my eye.  Plus I have a budget, so that means no more $60+ per yarn store!  🙂  On our way back we will be stopping in Perham and Battle Lake.  If we have any time at all, we might sniff out a few in the cities also.  😀  I am charging my battery for my camera and can’t wait to take a million pictures!

I’m nervous that I will a) forget something here at home or at my MIL’s b) pack too much/too little and c) won’t have any time to work on what I’m knitting.  I was so close to not packing any of my knitting, but then I laughed at myself and tucked it into my knitting bag.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, but I have blizzard safe gear just in case.  Needless to say I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!  Nervous because this will be 2nd time I’ve navigated the cities behind the wheel.  I’m nervous that something bad will happen.  Of course nothing will, but there’s that uncertainty that makes me ill at ease.

But I’ve gotta get ready and get out on the road!


I designed something! November 12, 2008

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Last year for Christmas I bought adorable Buffalo slippers for both my son and little cousin.  They were warm and fuzzy and super sweet.  But alas they’re both a year older and quite a bit bigger, so something new is needed.  I began by sifting through the millions of cute patterns on Ravelry, but none of them were really catching my eye.  So I did what any other person would do.  Measure the baby’s feet and have a go at it with some leftover yarn.


For those of you who are interested, this is the pattern.  Please feel free to use it and pass it along, but don’t claim it as your own (not that anyone would)!  Thanks!

This is written for a toddler who wears a size 9 shoe

Needle size: US 8 DPN’s

Yarn: Cascade 220 wool

Cast on 30 stitches to 1 needle

Work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 23 rows to equal 2 1/2″

With second needle pick up 13 stitches for back and with third needle pick up 28 stitches along other side.

**Do not join in the round; you will work both WS and RS rows**

You will begin with a WS row.  Work in stockinette stitch (purl the WS and knit the RS) for 10 rows; that should equal to 1 inch.  If you need it taller, continue to work until work is tall enough.

At desired length, knit 14 stitches, bind off next 14 stitches, bind off back 13 stitches, bind off 14 stitches on second side and then knit last 14 stitches.

Graft 14 stitches on both sides together.

Graft the front end together.  It will look rectangular; that’s okay.

Pick any contrasting color yarn (I used some scraps from my MIL) and do I-cord until it measures a couple of inches.  Graft the i-cord to the bottom side of slipper.

**to make I cord cast on 4 stitches to a DPN.  With working yarn on the bottom, knit.  When you reach the last stitch, take the needle with stitches and turn upside down so the yarn is on the bottom again; repeat.

Take white yarn and make eyes.

Voila!  Hope this works out for everyone!


Pants! November 11, 2008

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Today I finished up my knit pants in their entirety.  My son just loves to model my knitwear for me and have his picture taken.  I can’t wait until he’s old enough for these pictures to be embarrassing 🙂  Anyhow.  The pants were finished in the knitting phase yesterday afternoon.  I didn’t quite have enough of one fabric to line the pants (I honestly thought about doing an apple print for the front side and plain black in the back just to be quirky) so we made a quick run to the fabric store.  There was a little over a yard left of this cute polka dot fabric in flannel and I just knew it was the right stuff to use.  And hey, for $3 I got pant liner and can make a toy of the leftover stuff!

So here’s Exhibit A of my son wearing the pants.  I used the numbers for an 18 month old since I went to a size 6 needle (the pattern calls for size 5).  I’m hoping that my cousin isn’t too tall and that these pants will be short on her.  😦  If anything they’ll look cute with baby snow boots.  Plus I’m always forgetting that babies/toddlers aren’t like me.  I hate short pants.  I’m sure they’re wonderful for babies so they aren’t always tripping over the miles of extra leg.


Exhibit B is the cable trim on the sides of the pants.


Exhibit C is the polka dot flannel lining.


And even after all of this work knitting a s/s sweater for myself and these pants, I still have 3 skeins left of the yarn.  I’ve got my eyes set on some knit toys and maybe a hat.  And if all else fails I can donate it to Prairie Yarns 🙂


It’s a Turkey Day Christmas

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I’ve just been informed by my mom today that when our family gets together in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving, we will also be exchanging presents.  Which really, not a big deal seeing as how I can’t remember the last time us adults really exchanged presents.  But now if I plan on giving any of the other kids something knitted, I’m going to have to hop on the ball and dribble it ’til my eyes bleed.  I don’t think that made any kind of sense.

With Fiona’s pants just about done I am going to start looking into a quick knitted toy for Carter.  I’m thinking of doing the toy lobster again because it wasn’t that difficult, but I almost feel as if that was a one time deal.  Is that weird?  I want to do something different and fun.  There are still 3 skeins of my Jeanne yarn left that I will probably use up knitting a toy bunny to go with the pants.

If I start to feel real ambitious, I am thinking of loading up on some Peaches & Creme yarn from Wal-Mart and making up bath sponges for everyone.  As you can see, my thoughts are still a work in progress.  *sigh*  Well, at least I’m hitting up yarn stores next week and I’m hoping that inspiration strikes!


Progress Report November 7, 2008

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I started on one of my legs today.  There’s about 1″ left before I’m done and then I’ll be able to start on the other!  Woohoo!  My only problem was that somehow I got mixed up in what I was doing with the cables.  But you can’t really tell unless you really study it.  🙂  So, so far so good and I’m excited!  Tomorrorw I plan on picking out some flannel to line them.