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I’ve Moved! May 29, 2009

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To keep my life a little more coherent and less scatterbrained, I’m joining this blog along with my book blog in lovely union to produce:


So along with my knitting progress there’ll be posts about books I’m reading, have read, want to read which of course will include knitting books/magazines. I will probably leave this one up but just will no longer post here, so check me out!


Snezi Oversize Shrug May 28, 2009

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Snezi Shrug

Originally I guesstimated that this would take me about a week to knit, but to my surprise it took me 4 days! So there are quite a few differences between what the pattern called for and what I actually did.

1. Pattern calls for 100% cashmere yarn, 25g weight. I used 100% Merino Wool in a 50g weight.

2. I misread the needles needed for this project because I just didn’t notice the MM behind the sizes. So I used a US size 6 and 10 needle instead of a 5.5 MM and 7.0 MM.

3. The combination of different yarn and smaller needles made my gauge a bit different. But what’s listed in the book is 20 rows/4 inches and I got 27 rows/5 inches in stockinette with the larger needles. In the end it all worked out though.

My sleeves wound up being shorter which is perfectly fine with me. The one thing I dislike about a lot of sweaters is having long sleeves. I’m definitely one of those people who gets warm quickly and prefers 3/4 length sleeves on anything warm. Well, excluding sweatshirts…but that’s a different story. Plus this will be nice to double up with a long sleeved tee or tanks or pretty much anything else.

I love the seed stitch on the edges. The last time I had to do seed stitch I somehow kept messing up somewhere but this time I managed to make it without much trouble! My other favorite thing about the sweater is that it is so elegantly simple; which works amazing for being oversized.

In the end I only used 6 1/2 skeins of the Merino yarn so I will have to find something else to whip up with it. Maybe a hat to match? My other problem now is figuring out what I want to knit next and then buying some more yarn!


Two new books! May 25, 2009

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Today at Barnes & Noble I picked up “Sensual Knits” by Yahaira Ferrira and “Inspired to Knit” by Michele Rose Orne. They have gorgeous patterns and I’ve added just about all of them to my Ravelry queue.

I didn’t find a good yarn that I liked to knit Nicky’s Tuscany scarf, so that project will have to be put on hold for the time being. Right now I have my eye on “Snezi Oversized Shrug” in “Sensual Knits”. I think it’ll be great for this spring turning into summer weather.


I think I’m almost done May 19, 2009

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As you know I am knitting the Pinwheel blanket. It says to knit until you’re done which is nice but pretty ambiguous. So far I’ve knit 72 (which includes the initial knit c/o row plus the set up increase row) and the blanket is a mere 18″ in diameter and 70″ in circumference. It isn’t really that big by any means and on one hand I loathe knitting more (I’m developing some kind of callous on my middle left finger) and the other, I don’t want to quit and leave 1 1/2 balls of bamboo yarn left in limbo. When I cast on I thought I had more bamboo yarn sitting around than I actually do. In the end I have 3 full balls and probably 1/4-1/2 ball. Two balls got me through 60 some rounds and I’ll just be running through more quicker because more stitches….but hopefully I can make this last ball work to get at least 8-10 more rounds in and then use the last bit of ball for edging.

Hopefully hopefully hopefully (and keep your fingers crossed) I can be finished by tomorrow night!!!


Who doesn’t love a pinwheel? May 18, 2009

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Yesterday I cast on for a pinwheel blanket (found here) My ability to understand simple directions was a little off yesterday (I blame lack of sleep) so instead of simply increasing 1 st every time before doing the yo, I started all the way over from K1, yo etc… That made it ….excitingly wrong. Thankfully I realized this not too far into the blanket and was easily able to rip it out and begin anew. And now that I’ve got it down pat, the blanket is now actually resembling a pinwheel! With a few exceptions of course. Somewhere along the way I lost a st and when I thought I corrected it properly, it actually threw off the first few repeats of the pinwheel holes….but the rest of the blanket is fine. It’s just weird but hopefully nobody will notice but me. And of course anyone who reads this blog! 🙂

For this blanket I’m using the Schulana Sojabama bamboo yarn in celery green. It’s nice and soft and turning out just lovely. I’m hoping that this blanket will use up the rest of what my MIL gave me. Also since the blanket doesn’t have any instructions on what to do as far as edging (besides just c/o) I’m thinking of maybe doing a crocheted frill edge. I started on size 3 DPN’s and once the blanket got a little ‘big’ for the DPN’s I shifted onto size 6 circular needles. At first I was worried that it would be too big of a difference and it would show really badly in the blanket; but so far I can’t tell where exactly I transitioned and it’s been working fabulously.

Yesterday we stopped by Barnes & Noble before heading home. I picked up the latest Vogue Knitting and have dog eared practically every other page in it! The things I want to knit in it for sure are….

Nicky Epstein’s Tuscan Sun Scarf. I think my MIL would looove it!
Star Camisole
Botanica Medalliion cardigan (so so so so pretty)
Laced Tank
A few other generically named tank tops that are sweet looking.

What excites me the most is that all of the tank tops that I love now I know I’ll love next summer for when I’m not sporting a baby bump. So I can mark them now and save them for later! The other thing I’ve been thinking about is buying some of the super bulky yarn to knit a deep baby tote and line it with something funky. We will see what I pick up on Saturday when I’m in town next!


Dabble dabble May 14, 2009

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Yesterday I was scratching my head as to what I want to knit next. None of the baby patterns I have queued on Ravelry are really striking my fancy (plus I don’t have appropriate yarn to start any of them). I turned my head to the yarns I do have tucked away downstairs and I zeroed in on some celery colored bamboo yarn that’s been waiting to be knit since November. Now that I’m kind of in a lull, I thought about finding a pretty shawl pattern to use up this yarn but after searching through several pages, thought it may easier if I just threw one together myself. After all it’s simply two triangles stitched together with a pretty pattern on both sides, right? Of course.

So last night I looked up some knit sts at Knitting Fool and c/o to do an Italian Chain Shawl. Or something to that effect. Four and a half inches later I’ve decided that I don’t really like how singularly the chain is coming out. And I think what really makes it annoying is that it’s surrounded by garter stitch and I really do not like the look of garter stitch. So I simply bound off and have it as a reference for any future endeavors. Important things I learned from this?

1. How to incorporate a pattern within the realm of making a triangle
2. Making a triangle 🙂
3. Waiting ’til you get at least a few inches into it before deciding that you really hate it instead of doing 2 rows and hating it right off the bat.
4. Pick a lace stitch that isn’t a chain but that can fan out

Possibly later tonight I will get started on something new or I’ll just take a hiatus until I figure out what I really want to do next. Or I’ll fall back on this adorable penguin in my book that’s calling my name to be knit. 🙂


Bday present done! May 13, 2009

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I finished up my dad’s birthday present today! I’d unveil it but I don’t want to chance him seeing it before next weekend. But I’m very proud of how it turned out and can’t wait to share pictures after next weekend!

I’m not sure if I’ll start anything just yet. But definitely on my list of to-do’s is a baby sleeper. After knitting 5 animals for the baby I’m ready for something different; at least for now!


Outback Zoo May 8, 2009

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I quit being lazy today and finished up the legs & tail for the wombat. My little Outback Family is finally finished and now it’s on to Farmer Dan for my dad!

Outback Family II


Outback Zoo May 7, 2009

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My zoo is growing a little bit day by day. Today I finished up my sheep and I promise promise promise myself that I will finish my wombat tomorrow. Come on, three little legs left! I just keep getting wrapped up in my new (and better) projects. But after seeing Kath Dalmeny’s to scale models on Ravelry I feel confident in the way my animals are turning out. Without further adieu, here is my sheep and sheep & kangaroo.

Side Sheep
Kangaroo and Sheep


Mama Roo and Baby Roo May 4, 2009

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I wish that the book I’m knitting these animals out of showed a ‘to scale’ version of each animal. As I’ve been knitting the last few I’ve felt paranoid that I’m making them way too huge. Even though in the end they measure to the approximate size given, it throws me off to see my finished toy and what’s shown in the book. But despite all of that I have persevered and now have added a Kangaroo & Joey to my collection of toys and as soon as I quit procrastinating, a wombat. I knit all of the Mama Kangaroo flat just like the directions told me to and absolutely hated seaming the body up the front. Maybe nobody else will notice, but the (not so hot) seaming job I did drives me nuts every time I look at it. I knit the Joey in the round because honestly I didn’t want to deal with seaming on something so small. Pre ear adding my Joey looked like a crazy alien (I did I-cord for his arms and legs instead of what the directions said) and now post ear adding he kind of looks like a Gremlin. Good thing I intend to keep him in his mama’s pouch 🙂

Last night I c/o for a sheep who is labeled as pretty easy. I plan on following the directions ’til we get to the horns; they look like perfect excuses to knit an I-cord and curl it up! Hopefully tonight I manage to knit the last 3 legs for my wombat and put some eyeballs on him. 🙂