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Grandpa’s Socks are OTN January 16, 2009

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Yesterday I cast on fora generic toe up formula.  But, since the only measurement I had for my dad’s foot is that he wears a 9 1/2 shoe, I had to guesstimate.  I tried measuring one of my husband’s socks and taking it from there, but about 20 rows in I didn’t feel confident that it was working.  So I ripped it out and decided to do a basic top down sock since that’s what I’m most comfortable with.  I was thinking, why can’t you just take the measurements from a top down and do it in reverse?  But I suppose there is a certain deftness of fingers you need to contemplate a pattern in reverse.  And if you know me, I probably don’t have it.

I have to say that I love how soft the Imagination sock yarn is and that it’s knitting up very nicely.  It doesn’t seem to be pooling very badly yet.  My dad isn’t real picky about his socks and is in fact really lowkey.  Instead of picking a pattern with crazy cables or anything I’m doing a simple K4 P2 ribbing that will go all the way down to the toes (except for the underside).

The weather is still pretty freezing so I’ll probably get lots more knitting done today and then later on tonight with my knitting group!


I ordered new yarn! January 3, 2009

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Last night I ordered 2 skeins of Semolina and 2 skeins of Cornmeal Palette yarn to put together a purse for my Etsy shop.  I love the bright yellow color, but didn’t want it to be solid because I thought it might be too much.  So hopefully the Cornmeal complements the Semolina well when I actually get the yarn.  In theory it looks great together.

I also ordered some Imagination Sock Yarn in Woodsman.  Yarn that switches color on its own always makes me a little nervous because while it looks pretty in the skein, sometimes when it’s knitted up it can look not so pretty.  I made sure to flip through Ravelry and see what other people have knitted up with the different colors of Imagination and felt that Woodsman would be the best color to knit my dad a pair of socks from.  The next thing on my to do list is either a) pick a pattern (I couldn’t find one last night that I really liked) or b) make it up on the fly (which I’m okay with).

I haven’t received any word on when the Qiviuit is coming for my uncle’s hat.  What I want to knit him is basically Swell from Knitty.com.  The original pattern I wanted to use was “Snowboarder hat that Rocks“, but it requires bulky yarn and if I plan to knit double stranded with the Qiviuit it won’t be the right thickness.

For right now though I will anxiously sit and wait ’til my yarn comes.  😀