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Who doesn’t love a pinwheel? May 18, 2009

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Yesterday I cast on for a pinwheel blanket (found here) My ability to understand simple directions was a little off yesterday (I blame lack of sleep) so instead of simply increasing 1 st every time before doing the yo, I started all the way over from K1, yo etc… That made it ….excitingly wrong. Thankfully I realized this not too far into the blanket and was easily able to rip it out and begin anew. And now that I’ve got it down pat, the blanket is now actually resembling a pinwheel! With a few exceptions of course. Somewhere along the way I lost a st and when I thought I corrected it properly, it actually threw off the first few repeats of the pinwheel holes….but the rest of the blanket is fine. It’s just weird but hopefully nobody will notice but me. And of course anyone who reads this blog! 🙂

For this blanket I’m using the Schulana Sojabama bamboo yarn in celery green. It’s nice and soft and turning out just lovely. I’m hoping that this blanket will use up the rest of what my MIL gave me. Also since the blanket doesn’t have any instructions on what to do as far as edging (besides just c/o) I’m thinking of maybe doing a crocheted frill edge. I started on size 3 DPN’s and once the blanket got a little ‘big’ for the DPN’s I shifted onto size 6 circular needles. At first I was worried that it would be too big of a difference and it would show really badly in the blanket; but so far I can’t tell where exactly I transitioned and it’s been working fabulously.

Yesterday we stopped by Barnes & Noble before heading home. I picked up the latest Vogue Knitting and have dog eared practically every other page in it! The things I want to knit in it for sure are….

Nicky Epstein’s Tuscan Sun Scarf. I think my MIL would looove it!
Star Camisole
Botanica Medalliion cardigan (so so so so pretty)
Laced Tank
A few other generically named tank tops that are sweet looking.

What excites me the most is that all of the tank tops that I love now I know I’ll love next summer for when I’m not sporting a baby bump. So I can mark them now and save them for later! The other thing I’ve been thinking about is buying some of the super bulky yarn to knit a deep baby tote and line it with something funky. We will see what I pick up on Saturday when I’m in town next!


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