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What’s New June 29, 2008

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knit lobster I found this awesome guy online!  It took me roughly a full day to knit and was lots of fun!  This project tested my newfound sense of handling double point needles and taught me a few things about knitting in the round.

Bag Side 2

Bag Side 1

These are the 3 sides of my purses.  Front, back and inside.  The front has ribbing in 4 different areas, the back had to be split into two different colors, and then I whipped together a liner with pocket and handles from scrap fabric I had laying around.  Looking at my purse now, there are several things I would do differently if I were to knit it again.  When I started I thought that I would knit and then felt a handle.  But then I ran out of yarn and thought that denim would be an awesome substitute.  When I tried to remedy my planned knit handles that were sitting on stitch holders, I made it look messy.  You probably can’t tell from the photos, but I know it’s there.  Another thing is that the bag is really wide.  My first purse called for 75 cast on stitches and so I felt that adding 25 stitches would make it the right size.  Somehow this bag wound up being twice the size of the other one.  I’m not sure how that works.  They were both knit with the same size needles and wound up being about the same height…..anyhow.  That’s what I just finished and I’m super excited to show off my purse to everyone tomorrow.

Bag Liner