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I knew that black was a bad choice June 10, 2008

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I have had this black yarn for God only knows how long.  I’m not even sure why I bought it to begin with.  But thusfar it’s been used to make mini knitted sushi rolls and….that’s about it.  So why I decided to use it in conjunction with my multicolored pink yarn, I have no idea.

I’m about halfway done with the shawl as it is.  And the entire time I’ve been knitting with the black yarn I have had nothing but problems.  Mostly because the entire skein was a big knot that got worse and worse the more I pulled on it and tried to untangle it.  Finally last night after fighting with the yarn for 15 minutes, decided to cut my ties and attempt to straighten everything out once and for all.  It took me maybe an hour to slowly pull out my working yarn and rewrap it into a manageable ball.  I’m pretty sure I have enough to finish off the section that will be in black and the rest of the ball is now in the garbage.  But this will be a lesson to me to not ever think about using old yarn that’s already in a knot for future projects.  I’d rather just buy a whole new skein and go from there.

On a plus note, the shawl is looking fabulous and I almost don’t want to give it as a present!  But I know that my SIL will look fabulous in it!