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What’s on the needles? July 16, 2008

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Lots!  I am obviously one of those people that don’t stick to one project indefinitely.  The pointelle shawl is still in the works.  My plan is to do one round per day.  On Monday I began my green blanket using the Little Birds stitch from “The Harmony Guides knit & purl” guide.  It’s going along swimmingly although I will need to buy more yarn if I want it to measure more than 6″ long.  I’m 20 rounds away from being finished with my doll’s 2nd leg and then tonight I will either start her arms or work some more on one of my other two projects.

What I’ve discovered I don’t like about knitting this doll is how boring the limbs are to knit!  Seriously, 50 rows of knitting before anything exciting happens?  *sigh*  I was looking over the directions for the arms and it reads “Rounds 1-44, knit”.  Oh goodness.  Perhaps I should have scanned the directions and then scaled back the size!  No, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and definitely want to knit this again!  There’s nothing so satisfying as finishing up an arduous piece of work.