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My WIP’s are just sitting there February 13, 2009

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I haven’t had much of a stomach to do much besides sit on my couch like a vegetable. There have been a couple of good days where I’ve made progress, but not much! Currently my sweater is slowly adding a sleeve; at least I can knit the sleeve in the round and can just have a go at the K4 P2 ribbing. I’m really loving the color and how it’s turned out so far; I really wanted to have it finished by the end of the month, but don’t see that happening.

I cast on for a yellow felt purse to be one of those projects where I can zone out. Currently I’ve knit about half of one side. My plan is to knit a really long rectangle, make 2 I-cords that will be the straps and felt it. Once that’s done that I will go to town on seaming up the sides.

The next time I order yarn I think I’m going to order some more Imagination sock yarn to make another pair of Saartje Booties. Except that this time when I’m knitting the straps, I will just keep on going ’til they measure long enough to reach across the foot. I’m not sure if it’s because I knitted the Saartje’s in the round last time instead of just on straight needles, but my straps were way too short, so the first pair I had to graft them together and the second pair I just knit across. Even though a skein of Imagination yarn will be quite a bit, I want to make a pair for my little one and for my aunt’s little one. So I’ll have to make sure to pick something that’s pretty neutral. Hrm, maybe I can’t buy the Imagination yarn because that felts…knitting something for babies’ that needs to be handwashed is probably *not* a good idea.

The number of baby items that have gone on my Ravelry queue isn’t out of hand yet. But every time I’m on there I just keep clicking away that I wonder how much of it will ever actually get knitted. 🙂 I want to do fun baby rattles (in the shapes of veggies), a couple of hats, a tweedy looking coat, onesies, sweaters, little knickers, tons of booties…Everything is just so cute!

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! My little family doesn’t really make a huge deal out of it. Maybe some Chinese food and a movie.


A second venture February 5, 2009

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Today I learned of another place where you can sell your handmade stuff. I checked and re-checked and triple checked Etsy to make sure there wasn’t any kind of violation in doing so. There isn’t and so I signed up at Art Fire with the same username. You can find me at

I have all of the same items as my Etsy shop and the same promos going on, just wanted to expand and see if I got any more/less/different kind of feedback here. 🙂


February Etsy Sale!!! February 4, 2009

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At http://www.dahlish.etsy.com I am having a 25% off sale select items! The prices have already been marked down. I have also added a brand new item today so come check it out!


Baby Booties!!!!

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Not only do I get to knit baby items for my aunt, but now for myself as well!!! The only thing I’ve got done (because of yarn supply) has been these booties. And while they didn’t end up exactly like the Baby Saartje picture (halfway through the pattern, I realized that she was knitting them on straights where I was doing it on DPN’s), I still think they’re super cute! I have 4 skeins of yellow(ish) Palette yarn left, but it’s too thin to knit on anything bigger than size 3 needles and when I double it up there’s not enough for a sweater; that and it’s not machine washable, so….probably not ideal for baby items.

Baby Saartje's #1

Currently I’m working on B.O.B (button on blanket) sweater. I figured that knitting the Silken Scabbard wouldn’t be good for right now if I plan on expanding quite a bit. 🙂 So B.O.B became my main project because it is a cardigan and looks really cute. Now, the yarn I bought from KnitPicks was all geared for a smaller gauge, so I wondered if I should either a) use the yarn and knit with the size 10 needles as appropriate to the pattern or b) c/o using my size 6 needles and use the numbers for the size medium. I decided that I would see what knitting with the size 6 needles would do. So far my gauge isn’t too bad and it looks as if it’ll work. 🙂