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Purse Lining January 14, 2009

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Due to the intense cold and bulk of snow, I have yet to venture outside and go to the local fabric store.  Instead I decided to order some fabric off of ReproDepot.  They always have really fun fabric.  This morning I spent a long time perusing the different styles and comparing it against the purse I’m knitting.  Finally I made a decision on this and expect it to be here within a week or so.  Tonight when my friend comes over I plan to work on the strap.

I won’t seam the bottom together until after I’ve put in the lining.  Last time I put lining into a purse I disocvered what a pain it is to do when you’ve already seamed the bottom together!  This time I’ll sew the lining in a circle appropriate to the size of the purse and then seam it to the purse itself.  Only after then when I’m sure it fits will I seam the bottom up.  I may put the zipper in too before I seam the bottom.  That seems like it’ll work best also.

I checked the status of my order from KnitPicks and it should be here in two days!  That will be perfect timing so I can cast on something new with my knitting group!  I definitely want to felt it, but I’m wondering if maybe I won’t do the stripes (especially since I did stripes with this purse) but instead played with a design that felted together.  It’s something I definitely will have to look into more once I get the yarn.  Or, if I’m feeling a little burnt out on purses, I’ll c/o the socks for my dad!


I’m surprised January 13, 2009

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I started knitting on Sunday and am surprised at how far I actually am!  Originally when I was in the yarn store I was thinking back to my last purse I knit.  I bought 200 some yards of yarn and it knit up only about 5″ high; so this time I thought that I’d need at least 600 yards for a decent size (I’ve been thinking messenger bag size).  Well, like I said in my last post, Prairie Yarns is sending me a second skein when it arrives, but the more I look at my knitting, the more I know that I won’t be using that second skein on this particular project.  The flirtation cable always makes my hands cramp up a bit (the whole 2 rows where it’s constant 5RPC/5LPC/5RPC and then 5LPC/5RPC/5LPC), so I try to do only a couple of repeats at a time.  Well, as of this afternoon, I’ve knitted 9 inches!  My plan of action is to knit 2 more repeats of the cable pattern and then 1 inch of straight st st so I can stitch the bottom together.  After this is done (probably tomorrow) I will start looking into what kind of fun fabric to use as lining.  I’ve always loved the fabric at ReproDepot and think that they will have something perfect.

It has been snowing and our entire state has been under weather advisories/blizzard warnings since Sunday.  I am so relieved that I can just sit in the house and knit or snuggle my kitties.  The only bad thing is that this bad weather is making me not so excited to wait for it to warm  up so I can go skiing or take the little guy sledding; I’m kind of just wanting spring/summer to be here already!


Misti Alpaca feels like Heaven January 11, 2009

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Yesterday while perusing the yarn at Prairie Yarns, I caresed my first skein of Misti Alpaca chunky yarn.  Holy cow, it is soooo unbelievable soft and I wanted to curl up with it and cuddle.  I now really want to buy some and make a super soft sweater with it and I absolutely would wear it all the time.  Luckily I noticed all of this lushness after I paid for my yarn and was having my yarn wrapped into balls.  At the last second I caught some lovely skeins of Misti Alpaca sock yarn out of the corner of my eye and wandered over for just a second.  Wow, I just know that my next month’s project will be to acquire some Misti Alpaca yarn and knit myself up some socks.

For this month I have three projects in mind.  Since my yarn from KnitPicks hasn’t arrived yet (it may come within the next couple of days), I will c/o with the yarn I bought yesterday!  I bought some eco-friendly yarn in a heathered gray/brown color and in straight up cream.  Prairie Yarn was nice enough to order me one more skein of the gray/brown and will ship it to my house when it comes in!  The outline for my project is first to knit up a purse alternating the two colors and as far as decoration, I want to do 2 different cable patterns on both the front and back.  I think I would love to do the Flirtation cable (from Vogueknitting.com) in the middle and then a 6st crossover cable on either side of the Flirtation cable.  I’m really excited to get to work on it!

I picked the gray/brown color because I really liked the combination of it alternating with the cream color.  I am also very fond of putting together something classic that will last; the colors aren’t too crazy and it will go with a variety of things.  The heathered gray/brown color also reminds me of tweed 🙂

Today I plan on getting to work on that and we’ll see how far I get before my second skein arrives!


What’s New June 29, 2008

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knit lobster I found this awesome guy online!  It took me roughly a full day to knit and was lots of fun!  This project tested my newfound sense of handling double point needles and taught me a few things about knitting in the round.

Bag Side 2

Bag Side 1

These are the 3 sides of my purses.  Front, back and inside.  The front has ribbing in 4 different areas, the back had to be split into two different colors, and then I whipped together a liner with pocket and handles from scrap fabric I had laying around.  Looking at my purse now, there are several things I would do differently if I were to knit it again.  When I started I thought that I would knit and then felt a handle.  But then I ran out of yarn and thought that denim would be an awesome substitute.  When I tried to remedy my planned knit handles that were sitting on stitch holders, I made it look messy.  You probably can’t tell from the photos, but I know it’s there.  Another thing is that the bag is really wide.  My first purse called for 75 cast on stitches and so I felt that adding 25 stitches would make it the right size.  Somehow this bag wound up being twice the size of the other one.  I’m not sure how that works.  They were both knit with the same size needles and wound up being about the same height…..anyhow.  That’s what I just finished and I’m super excited to show off my purse to everyone tomorrow.

Bag Liner


Side 1 June 26, 2008

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I didn’t pin this down so that’s why the bottom is all curly. You can see I did 4 sets of ribbing and then stockinette stitch in between. It is 21″ wide and 12 1/2″ tall. The fabric you see behind it is what I plan to use as a liner. I also have this beautiful dark blue fabric with light blue stars on it that I am thinking about making pockets with to go on the liner. What’s up for debate now is if I plan on using it for toting around my son’s stuff or for my knitting. And to be honest, it could be used for both. Or I could just make another one for my knitting stuff! Hopefully by tomorrow I will have this finished so I can bring it to the Air Show on Saturday. I’m only a few inches into the back half of the purse though.

I decided to do the back in straight up st st because 1) I’m lazy and 2) so I know which side is the front. As far as the straps go, I was playing with the idea of doing bright white in a k/p rib, but it depends on if I have enough blue yarn left or if break down and buy another skein. I really don’t want to because I’ve had this white yarn in my house for at least 2 years. Something needs to be done with it.

KnitPicks e-mailed me and let me know that all of my things should be here anywhere from 5-14 days. I really hope it comes soon so I have something new to work on! I’m excited to knit together the shawl I found at Vogue Knitting and I really want to have it finished for when we go camping in a few weeks. If my yarn doesn’t come soon, I think I will buy a light colored yarn and crochet a floppy hat I also found online at Vogue Knitting. Anyhow, it’s back to the grind for me!


Another project June 21, 2008

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While I’m enjoying knitting my first sweater, I’ve decided to start another project to keep me occupied while sitting out on the deck in this 80 degree weather.  I don’t know about you, but knitting a sweater in the beginning of summer on a hotter than hell day, just isn’t my cup of tea.  So I’m going to sip on an ice cold beer and knit another purse for myself.  It isn’t that I don’t love the first purse I knitted, but this second one is going to be bigger and in a different stitch.  The stitch is something very simple and can be found here at Vogue Knitting. I’m going to use up this soft gray yarn I have to knit up the purse.  The needles will probably be US 4 or 6, depending on which ones I pick up first.  Then maybe tomorrow if the boy go golfing I may go back to work on my sweater.


Picture Perfect June 3, 2008

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This is my finished product. Sure it looks nothing like the picture on Lion Brand Yarn, but isn’t art all about interpretation of the instructions? I absolutely love the yarn I used for the strap. The beads were an utter bitch to put on and I feel fearful that wild college parties may cause them to fall off and explode. But I left implicit instructions to NOT use it as a beer purse.

As I was taking pictures of the purse yesterday, Jax (my son) decided that he wanted to grab the purse and run around with it. He’s such a silly kid. If there any accessories lying around, he will put them on. He slips on my headbands, sunglasses and grabs a purse and will teeter totter around the house like a movie star. I’m feeling as if I should knit him a little messenger bag that he can carry around. In fact, I think I’ll put that on my list of things to knit.

Anyhow, this is the best picture I have of the purse! Keep a lookout in the next couple of days for updates on my newest project, the little slippers from Knitty.com!