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Holy buckaroos! April 22, 2009

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It’s a good thing (and possibly a bad thing) that I didn’t go outside and check the mail when I thought I saw the mail carrier pass by. If I had, you can be sure I would not have left the couch for the rest of the day. Which is bad because our library books were coming close to being due and I had lost the receipt saying when exactly they were due. But, crisis averted, we ran our errands in surprisingly record time and guess what I found on my front door step!

World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny!!!! I am sooo excited! My little one helped me page through it and I totally and absolutely want to knit every last toy in the book. Everything is adorable! And, from my brief thumbing through, it seems that nothing is knit in the round. That may be a bad thing as I really dislike seaming. But we’ll see how the first project or ten go before I really decide one way or the other. 🙂

The main reason I wanted to buy the book is because I had queued the platypus toy and saw that in relation there were at least a handful of other things I wanted to knit. But this is awesome that everything in this book really grabs my attention.

Plans are going to have to change on what exactly I’m going to knit next and what yarn I’ll be ordering on Friday!!!!


Monkey Socks! April 18, 2009

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Earlier this week I c/o for the Monkey Socks by Cookie at Knitty.  So far they are coming along fabulously!  The lace pattern is turning out gorgeous and I’m already working on the heel gusset.  My only snag (self-inflicted) is that somewhere while I was turning the heel I ended up with 5 sts left to go on one side and none on the left side.  Does that make any sense?  You know how when you sl1, k/p x number of sts, k/p2tog and then k/p1?  When I attempted to go back so I could fix it, I got confused about which way I was undoing my sts and ended up saying ‘oh well’ and just forged ahead.  Luckily it was towards the end so I’m not sure if/how it will affect the fit of the sock.  But if I get to the end of my sock and try it on and it feels weird, I won’t feel bad about just ripping it all back to the heel beginning.

This past week it was my anniversary and so my husband and I received cards with some cash in it 🙂  After a (very) short debate we decided to split the money to do with as we pleased.  He bought more Warhammer stuff and I found a knit toy book in which I really like 90% of the patterns.  It’s “World of Knitted Toys” by Kath Dalmeny.  The one I really wanted to buy was “And so to Bed” by Lucinda Guy but at Amazon I could only find used copies and KnitPicks no longer had it in stock.  This morning I got an email from Amazon saying that the book I did order had been sent out so I should be receiving it by the end of next week!  Yay!