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Gathering inspiration from Victoria’s Secret October 9, 2008

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I got the ‘Winter Casual’ catalogue from VS today and I am in LOVE with the sweaters.  Luckily for me, being a knitter, that means I can sit here and say “Hey, instead of paying $100 for that, I could *knit it* for half the price!”  But then again, being still a relatively new knitter, I can also say “Hey, that means I need to learn to knit with circular needles and work with constructing my own sweater!”  As you can see, I have lots of inner dialogue to work with 🙂

So far I really like this crewneck sweater that has 3 buttons on the left shoulder.  It looks really comfy and so sweet.  And while it doesn’t seem terribly sensible, I think the Crochet Turtleneck on the back is just adorable.  Although instead of wearing a sexy Ipex bra under it, I’m sure a long sleeved t would be warmer.  I’m also beginning to think that I will invest in some turtleneck sweaters.  They are warm and look super cozy in the pictures.

As you may or may not know, I picked up a Vogue Knitting book from the library and started writing down notes on how to put together a sweater of my own creation.  I’ve already started on some preliminary things, but am thinking I might look for a program to install on my computer.  If there’s an easier way to do the math, I’m totally taking it.  But the book has some good insights on what works best for certain types of sweaters (like how to do armhole shaping, shoulder shaping, etc.) and I don’t think I could get that from a program.

Now that it’s cooler outside, I want to start getting into the sweater making business so I can stay warm at home!


Oooooh! August 19, 2008

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I’ve decided that this is my next big project.  My husband helped me pick out a color yarn (Dublin) at KnitPicks and I’m just dying to get started.  Buuut, it may still be a little bit.  Mostly because I want to check out the two yarn stores when we go visit our parents and see if they have anything I’ll probably fall in love with even more.  So that’s that and I’m off to work on something that’s sitting in my bag!


Bday sweater! August 15, 2008

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I’m surprised it didn’t take much tears to complete this sweater! It was fairly easy (although picking up stitches is a pain) and everything measured the same length. So I call it a raving success! Before it was completely finished I had Jax try on what I had knitted to test for size and it fitted pretty well.

Right now it’s pinned to a towel and sitting on top of the washing machine waiting to dry. Next week I’ll be sending off a care package to the Cities including this sweater for Carter who turned 2 yesterday and then socks and a hat for Fiona just for giggles.

Now that this is finished I’m hoping to get more work done on my pointelle shawl! Plus now that I know I can knit it, I’m sure there are a few more in the works!


Alas I’ve chosen June 20, 2008

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When I first fancied myself a knitter, I came across the “domiKNITrix” book in our local book store.  Feeling quite inspired with myself (and with absolutely no knitted creations under my belt), I bought the book and settled down to whip up some homemade goods.  It’s been at least one year since and I haven’t knitted a damn thing out of it.  That isn’t to say I haven’t tried.  Oh no.  I felt I was way past the mint scarf and was more intrigued by the clothing side of things.  I tangoed with the thought of knitting myself a halter top and maybe a sweater and all kinds of things.

Then reality crashed down on me when I realized I didn’t have any of the skills nor materials needed to make these things.  Now here I am, a bit more experienced (knowledgeable enough to at least interpret the patterns) and with an abudance of enthusiasm (and a tank full of perserverance).  So I’ve chosen the least painful of the sweater options.  Jennifer Stafford has dubbed it the little miss red riding hood (not exact name, but you get the picture).

It requires US 10 straight needles and red yarn (if you like the color).  In my bag I have size 10 1/2 needles and dark blue yarn.  Yes I realize that using the size 10 needles is probably my best bet, but I refuse (and absolutely so) to buy anything else craft related from the Super Wal-Mart in town.  For a few too many reasons than I care to list right now.  So anyway, this afternoon I began my foray into the sweater knitting and haven’t cussed God out yet, so I believe I’m doing well.

I have successfully made it past the first part of the pattern and will start the second bit as soon as I figure out how to evenly decrease 13 stitches across 55.  Tonight I was knitting at my girlfriend’s house and didn’t have any pen and paper to logically figure it out.  Plus we were at the end of our movie.  In all honesty, I have no idea how the sweater will turn out.  I’m not sure if the yarn will make it too warm to wear in the summer or if halfway through I’ll scream in frustration and let it sit there and collect dust.  But I do plan to be an optimist about it and we’ll see where this leads us.