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Dabble dabble May 14, 2009

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Yesterday I was scratching my head as to what I want to knit next. None of the baby patterns I have queued on Ravelry are really striking my fancy (plus I don’t have appropriate yarn to start any of them). I turned my head to the yarns I do have tucked away downstairs and I zeroed in on some celery colored bamboo yarn that’s been waiting to be knit since November. Now that I’m kind of in a lull, I thought about finding a pretty shawl pattern to use up this yarn but after searching through several pages, thought it may easier if I just threw one together myself. After all it’s simply two triangles stitched together with a pretty pattern on both sides, right? Of course.

So last night I looked up some knit sts at Knitting Fool and c/o to do an Italian Chain Shawl. Or something to that effect. Four and a half inches later I’ve decided that I don’t really like how singularly the chain is coming out. And I think what really makes it annoying is that it’s surrounded by garter stitch and I really do not like the look of garter stitch. So I simply bound off and have it as a reference for any future endeavors. Important things I learned from this?

1. How to incorporate a pattern within the realm of making a triangle
2. Making a triangle 🙂
3. Waiting ’til you get at least a few inches into it before deciding that you really hate it instead of doing 2 rows and hating it right off the bat.
4. Pick a lace stitch that isn’t a chain but that can fan out

Possibly later tonight I will get started on something new or I’ll just take a hiatus until I figure out what I really want to do next. Or I’ll fall back on this adorable penguin in my book that’s calling my name to be knit. 🙂