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I think I’m almost done May 19, 2009

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As you know I am knitting the Pinwheel blanket. It says to knit until you’re done which is nice but pretty ambiguous. So far I’ve knit 72 (which includes the initial knit c/o row plus the set up increase row) and the blanket is a mere 18″ in diameter and 70″ in circumference. It isn’t really that big by any means and on one hand I loathe knitting more (I’m developing some kind of callous on my middle left finger) and the other, I don’t want to quit and leave 1 1/2 balls of bamboo yarn left in limbo. When I cast on I thought I had more bamboo yarn sitting around than I actually do. In the end I have 3 full balls and probably 1/4-1/2 ball. Two balls got me through 60 some rounds and I’ll just be running through more quicker because more stitches….but hopefully I can make this last ball work to get at least 8-10 more rounds in and then use the last bit of ball for edging.

Hopefully hopefully hopefully (and keep your fingers crossed) I can be finished by tomorrow night!!!