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Monkey Socks April 21, 2009

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Yesterday afternoon I b/o on my first sock!  It fits and everything looks great.  I always get nervous when patterns say to knit ’til 1 1/2″ to the end.  Because when I hold my socks up to my foot (knitted and non alike), they don’t stretch all the way from heel to toe.  So I have to guesstimate how exactly that will work.  Luckily I have a plain pair of socks knit from the same yarn that I was able to measure against.  It takes 6″ from the heel to the beginning of the toe decreases.  I remember to jot that down on my pattern so I won’t have to worry about it with sock #2!

Since by the end of this week/beginning of next week I will be done with my pair of socks, I’ve already begun looking into what I want to knit next.  I know that I told my mom I was adamantly against knitting blankets, but I’m beginning to think that a baby blanket might not be so out of the question.  On Ravelry I queued “Hoodie Baby Blanket” by Nikol Lohr.  Mostly because it doubles as a swaddling blanket AND bath towel!  I am eyeing up the organic yarn from KnitPicks for this project in toffee and then maybe marshmallow for the trim; or I’ll just be boring and do it all in one color.  🙂  We will see!