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Baby Item Frenzy April 5, 2009

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I know that my last post said that I haven’t been in the mood for knitting. And I think it’s because I just haven’t found anything that I’ve been wanting to knit. I want to knit things for babies because obviously I’m pregnant and my aunt is also expecting. But at least they know the gender of the baby; I’m still in limbo and therefore it makes it a little difficult to whittle down exactly what I want to knit. Sure I can do generic baby hats and booties, but you’d be surprised at how hard you have to dig to find a pattern that you like and that fits the materials you already have. *sigh*

I knit a second pair of Saartje Booties in yellow and this time the ‘correct way’ (i.e. flat).  They turned out looking more like the picture (surprise surprise!).  I just need to buy some buttons and they can be ‘done’; but I really like how quickly they knit up and it’s not a pain to seam them together either, so that’s an extra plus!
Yellow Saartje Booties

Before I hadn’t had the best of luck knitting hats. I could never quite get the decreases right and so the tops were…wonky. But voila, I managed to knit a hat that didn’t have (too much of) a nob nosed tip. When I began the hat I wasn’t 100% sure that it’d fit a baby’s head (although baby heads are pretty small) but I c/o anyway and hoped for the best. I knit using the charcoal yarn I ordered from Prairie Yarns forever ago (can’t even remember the name of it now) with the intent of felting it afterward. Now that it’s finished I like it so much in just the simple stockinette stitch that I will just have to remember not to throw it in the washer. Ever. Since all the baby items are still stuffed in storage, I tried it on our Snowman cookie jar head (that’s why there’s a carrot nose poking through the bottom). I’ll be blocking it later so the rim sits flat.

Charcoal baby hat

While going through my bags of yarn downstairs I discovered that I still had some soft organic cream colored yarn that would make great bootie/hat combination (if there’s enough left; I think there’s only enough left for one of those items) and I’m going to use up the bamboo yarn for baby things too. Either I’ll double strand the cream and green for booties or I’ll figure something else out. Either way, I think until I get that magic ultrasound that says boy/girl, I might be bent on using up all my gender neutral yarn. 😀