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My WIP’s are just sitting there February 13, 2009

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I haven’t had much of a stomach to do much besides sit on my couch like a vegetable. There have been a couple of good days where I’ve made progress, but not much! Currently my sweater is slowly adding a sleeve; at least I can knit the sleeve in the round and can just have a go at the K4 P2 ribbing. I’m really loving the color and how it’s turned out so far; I really wanted to have it finished by the end of the month, but don’t see that happening.

I cast on for a yellow felt purse to be one of those projects where I can zone out. Currently I’ve knit about half of one side. My plan is to knit a really long rectangle, make 2 I-cords that will be the straps and felt it. Once that’s done that I will go to town on seaming up the sides.

The next time I order yarn I think I’m going to order some more Imagination sock yarn to make another pair of Saartje Booties. Except that this time when I’m knitting the straps, I will just keep on going ’til they measure long enough to reach across the foot. I’m not sure if it’s because I knitted the Saartje’s in the round last time instead of just on straight needles, but my straps were way too short, so the first pair I had to graft them together and the second pair I just knit across. Even though a skein of Imagination yarn will be quite a bit, I want to make a pair for my little one and for my aunt’s little one. So I’ll have to make sure to pick something that’s pretty neutral. Hrm, maybe I can’t buy the Imagination yarn because that felts…knitting something for babies’ that needs to be handwashed is probably *not* a good idea.

The number of baby items that have gone on my Ravelry queue isn’t out of hand yet. But every time I’m on there I just keep clicking away that I wonder how much of it will ever actually get knitted. 🙂 I want to do fun baby rattles (in the shapes of veggies), a couple of hats, a tweedy looking coat, onesies, sweaters, little knickers, tons of booties…Everything is just so cute!

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! My little family doesn’t really make a huge deal out of it. Maybe some Chinese food and a movie.