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Baby Booties!!!! February 4, 2009

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Not only do I get to knit baby items for my aunt, but now for myself as well!!! The only thing I’ve got done (because of yarn supply) has been these booties. And while they didn’t end up exactly like the Baby Saartje picture (halfway through the pattern, I realized that she was knitting them on straights where I was doing it on DPN’s), I still think they’re super cute! I have 4 skeins of yellow(ish) Palette yarn left, but it’s too thin to knit on anything bigger than size 3 needles and when I double it up there’s not enough for a sweater; that and it’s not machine washable, so….probably not ideal for baby items.

Baby Saartje's #1

Currently I’m working on B.O.B (button on blanket) sweater. I figured that knitting the Silken Scabbard wouldn’t be good for right now if I plan on expanding quite a bit. šŸ™‚ So B.O.B became my main project because it is a cardigan and looks really cute. Now, the yarn I bought from KnitPicks was all geared for a smaller gauge, so I wondered if I should either a) use the yarn and knit with the size 10 needles as appropriate to the pattern or b) c/o using my size 6 needles and use the numbers for the size medium. I decided that I would see what knitting with the size 6 needles would do. So far my gauge isn’t too bad and it looks as if it’ll work. šŸ™‚


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