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Socks for Grandpa January 20, 2009

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I started knitting socks for my dad on Friday after attempting a toe-up construction.  For the toe-up I really do need accurate measurements; going on guesstimates was just making me too nervous that it wouldn’t come close to fitting.  The sock is knitted in K4 P2 ribbing from top to bottom with the exception of the underside.  I finished sock 1 yesterday afternoon and had my husband try it on to make sure it fit.  Since my dad’s foot is a bit bigger than my husband’s, I wasn’t worried when he said that it was a little big in the heel.  Now I can go forward with the second sock confident in what I’m doing 🙂

I did manage to knit the whole sock using up almost all of my 1 skein of yarn.  It’s hard to tell how much exactly is left, but I’m sure it would be enough to tack on at least an inch of extra ribbing if I wished.  I’m thinking that when I’m done with both socks I might make a small bowl or something silly to put in my son’s room.  🙂  I love how the colors turned out in the sock; there isn’t any gross pooling and my husband says that they’re nice and soft and warm.

A funny thing my dad said when I told him that the socks are going to be handwash only is “I’m not used to pampering my socks!”  hehe