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Fiber Lust November 30, 2008

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I don’t know why I feel compelled to put other’s through the agony of me yarn shopping.  It’s ridiculous, it truly is.  I can sit there for an hour debating on what I want to get.  And there are a number of reasons why.  Usually I don’t have any specific project in mind so I have no idea of how much yarn I even want to get in the first place.  The second reason is related to cost.  Do I really need to buy *another* skein of $25 sock yarn?  No.  But guess what, I did after debating for thirty minutes about it.  My latest yarn shop adventure happened the day before Thanksgiving with my mom.  I think she had only been in this particular yarn store once, but the whole thing is still new to her.  So we went and while she knew exactly what she wanted, I had to wander back and forth musing over either more sock yarn (mostly for my dad’s socks), making a felted purse or stocking up on this gorgeous fluffy yarn that I will never get to because I’ll need to buy fatter needles in the future.  Luckily my mom had nowhere to be, so putting up with my browsing wasn’t a problem.  Eventually I ended up buying this gorgeous wool yarn that’s made in Italy (if I remember correctly).  It’s a soft pink, purple, cream and light brown blend in various thickness.  My plan is to use either size 7 or 8 needles (maybe even 6 since I have those in circular) and knit a messenger like bag from it.  If things go well then I may go into mass producing those suckers.  Who knows, everything’s all up in the air about just about everything.

This is all the yarn I received from my yarn hop a couple weeks ago.  1.  Smooshy Sock Yarn in Flamingo Pie (I’ve already started knitting socks and it’s lovely !)  2.  Corn Yarn that my MIL bought me.  I saw some great examples of kid’s clothes to make from it!  3.  Bamboo yarn from my MIL.  It was suggested that wraps or light airy things are ideal.  In my mind I’ve got both a Vogue Knitting wrap in mind or a few light vests.  It is soooo soft!  4.  Wisdom Yarns Poems.  It’s wool and the way the color just goes back and forth between blue and green shows up nicely in my scarf.  5. Then of course the Plymouth Yarn that is 100% Alpaca.  I whipped up the little lamb for my cousin Fiona’s birthday which is next month.

Smooshy Yarn Corn Yarn Bamboo Yarn Wisdom Poems

Eco yarn This became this: Lamb I

So after the stress and hubub that is a family holiday, I was extremely relieved to hear that both the kidlets and parents adored my knit gifts and ooohed and aahed extensively over the knitwear I myself wore!  🙂  One uncle was so impressed that he has requested I knit him a hat (we’ve got it all worked out already) and possibly other items in the future such as a thinner sweater and some socks!  So yay!  Once I get more organized here at home, I’ll post pics of my socks and nightie in progress then of course of the yarn I bought!