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Just like I said October 31, 2008

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picture time!

Global Warming

I used the Plymouth Yarn that my hubby bought me in Seattle to make “Global Warming”. It was a very fast knit and turned out lovely. As you can see I omitted the kangaroo pockets. I like the pockets, but after I tried on this part of the sweater, I preferred it the way it is, so therefore my decision to not add pockets! Having knitted two sweaters, I am mostly over my fear of circular needles. 🙂


1st sweater

Then these two lovely pictures are of the Textured Tunic I found in “Fitted Knits”. Looooove the buttons that my son and I picked out to use. It’s not that itchy when I wear a tank/cami underneath it and that doesn’t make it too warm either. I wore it out and about last Friday and nothing terrible happened, so I feel confident wearing it in more public places. Plus when I sewed on the buttons, I gave myself a little insurance with some weaved in yarn through the flaps. 🙂


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