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Sweet October 20, 2008

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I have officially finished my sweater in its entirety.  There are buttons, there are seams, it is ready to wear.  I’m very proud of myself with this particular project because I encountered a handful of problems and did not break down in tears and rip the whole thing apart.

Yesterday I was so excited to knit up the sleeves and be done.  In my excitement, I didn’t take the time to see if 24 sts would be big enough to fit my arm through.  So I just kept on knitting and at the end (luckily only at the end of one sleeve), I tried it on and discovered that while I could squeeze my arm INTO the sweater, it was not so easy to squeeze it back out.  Instead of ripping out the sleeve I was frustrated with, which I had already had to rip back in the beginning due to the decreases not fitting into the box st I was trying to do; I started on the other sleeve and simply did not do any decreases.  That worked out SO much better and it gave me the confidence to nip the other sleeve in the bud and start over.

Today my son helped me pick out some buttons to sew onto the sweater.  I picked a bigger funky button to decorate the shoulder that’s open and then use simple white pearly buttons for the side.  After it was all said and done, I am in love with it.  I was thinking about wearing it today, but decided to wait and show it off to my knitting group on Friday night.


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