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I love the internet October 16, 2008

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Last night I reached the part in my pattern where it told me to follow the chart starting with round 2.  I sat there all night scratching my head and thinking ‘which pattern makes sense?’  The logical part told me that of course it meant the pattern on pg. 105, but there were 11 sts to that pattern and I couldn’t wrap my head around where 11 stitches would come into play.  I sat and looked on other blogs and referenced the errata from the author and was at a standstill.  Today I began anew and something caught my eye that didn’t catch it last night.

THANK YOU internet!  It answered my question and made me less worried that I was knitting the sweater wrong.  Now my only problem is that somehow my seed stitch tends to end up looking like ribbing.  I don’t even know how that happens as I (try I guess) am careful to do k1, p1 on the knit side and then do p1, k1 on the purl side.  Not only does that sometimes end up weird, but my two sides use different repeats of k1, p1.  The first 5 stitches are done in P1, K1, then the next set of 5 are K1, P1.  I think this explains why I sometimes end up with ribbing.  Hm.

But other than that, things are going awesome.  Yay!