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I am not allowed October 12, 2008

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…..to go into a yarn store unsupervised ever again.  Yesterday we did a surprise trip to the in-laws.  Since we were going, I wanted to pick up some yarn and circular needles so I could start knitting a simple crewneck sweater.  At Barnes & Noble last night I didn’t find a single knitting book that caught my interest (okay, didn’t catch my interest at $25+).  So I decided to just buy yarn and a needle and have a go at it.  Fate decided that wasn’t to be so today.  😦

I ended up choosing this gorgeous green yarn (I really wanted the buttercup yellow, but had a few reservations about me wearing that particular color) and picked up a pair of size 7 needles.  The ladies asked if I had a pattern and I said no.  They seemed shocked and said “Oh, well you will need a pattern, it will help you determine what you need!”  I was too nice to say “No thank you, I’m just going to hammer it out on my own” and ended up spending $70 on a book, my yarn and size 10 needles.  Not only that, but my son and husband spent a wonderful hour hanging out in the car while I did so.

Despite my mega spending there, I love all the sweaters in the book.  So it wasn’t a complete waste.  I picked a sweater that is labeled as medium difficulty and am excited to c/o for it.  🙂  My hubby told me that he is going to accompany me the next time I go in so I’m not gone for hours on end.  Plus, he said that when I go to Mpls, I’m going to need $1000 to dedicate to my yarn addiction.  I told him in rebuttal that at least I buy yarn that I plan on using, not just to have pretty yarn.


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