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Yellow Harvest Mittens II October 7, 2008

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I finished up my second pair of Yellow Harvest mittens.  With the first pair I thought that maybe I was letting my gauge get a little too loose and resolved to knit tighter this time around.  I think it’s simply a combination of the yarn and needles and pattern than makes these little jagged ladders in various parts of the mitten.  So after working a little magic with a needle the ladders are gone and no one will be none the wiser.

As invested as I am in the flirtation socks, I feel a slight loathing to picking them back up.  The only thing that keeps me motivated is that I’m half done with the cable pattern and then it’ll be easy going from there on.  Plus it’s the second sock, so it isn’t like I’ll have a whole ‘nother one to do.

There are a handful of things in my queue on Ravelry that I really want to c/o now.  I’m planning on knitting Jax a pair of mittens with the leftover blue yarn I have (that I used on my Yellow Harvest mittens) and then there are these cute cabled slippers that I plan on using the rest of my green Peruvian wool for.  They’re toddler projects, so I don’t expect them to take that long and plus they will use up part of my yarn stash.  🙂

I’ve gotten some good recommendations on yarn stores to see along the way to Minneapolis next month.  I can’t remember the names of the stores, but they’re in Alexandria, Perham and Fergus Falls.  I absolutely cannot wait!