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Hulk Knitting September 16, 2008

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I can’t believe I did it again.  While I was knitting, the other end of my DPN just snapped in half.  WTF?!  Luckily the envelope my needles came in have this nifty insert that says they will replace needles (but only if 2 or more are damaged).  And hey!  Look!  I have 2 or more needles that are broken.  Just a little bit ago I e-mailed them and asked what they need from me so I can receive my replacement needles.  And I don’t think it’s my knitting style that caused the breakage as my other 4 needles are still pretty sturdy and don’t look super bendy.  Hopefully they just send me some replacements (or even a new set; that would be cool) before I start knitting my other sock.

On the sock front, I’m coming THISCLOSE to being finished with the length of my sock and then I can start on the heel flap and then the toes.  Pleeeease send non-broken needle thoughts my way 😀


For a short person, I need a lotta sock

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I don’t think the pattern, as it’s written, was meant to be the entire length of someone’s leg.  Or maybe the way I want them to fit requires more sock.  Either way, I knit the pattern from 77 sts down to 56 and need to knit 5 more inches before I’m ready to start on the heel.  Another thing I noticed is that when you start the heel shaping, it calls to knit 33 sts and then to hold 33 sts to the back.  Only thing is, is that 56 – 33 = 23.  Then, when they get to the part where you work those sts you held back, it calls for 24 sts.  Hrm.  Luckily I adapt well and have no qualms about picking up an extra stitch and then losing it somewhere down the line if need be.

I am really loving how they’re turning out thusfar and am excited to have one finished.  It still may be awhile (next week at earliest) but it’ll be worth it!  Hopefully they’ll both be done by the time our trip to the cities rolls around.