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Making Progress September 2, 2008

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The past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my pointelle shawl.  Usually it takes me a long time to work on a repeat, but I’ve been finding myself flying through it and getting a couple done in an hour.  So right now the length is from my calf to a little past my knee, hubby says a foot and a half.  I still have A LOT of yarn left, so I’m sure this puppy’s gonna end up being super long.  I also figured that when I block it, it should be the right size for a good shawl and not a scarf.  I hope I can get a good picture of it so you can see how far I’ve gotten!  The needles are still kind of a pain, but this weekend I’ve got my eye on buying Brittany needles.  I have Brittany double point needles, so I know I love how they work.