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Bday sweater! August 15, 2008

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I’m surprised it didn’t take much tears to complete this sweater! It was fairly easy (although picking up stitches is a pain) and everything measured the same length. So I call it a raving success! Before it was completely finished I had Jax try on what I had knitted to test for size and it fitted pretty well.

Right now it’s pinned to a towel and sitting on top of the washing machine waiting to dry. Next week I’ll be sending off a care package to the Cities including this sweater for Carter who turned 2 yesterday and then socks and a hat for Fiona just for giggles.

Now that this is finished I’m hoping to get more work done on my pointelle shawl! Plus now that I know I can knit it, I’m sure there are a few more in the works!


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