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Want to hear something funny? August 11, 2008

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I stink at reading directions.  No, that’s not the funny part.  The funny part is that I spent the better part of Saturday night meticulously knitting and measuring 13″ of neckline.  I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me earlier that something wasn’t right.  But I didn’t bother looking into it and waited ’til 13″ later and a couple inches into the otehr side to finally reread the directions.  Note how it reads:

Cont in stockinette until work measures 10[12, 13, 14] inches, ending with a WS row.

*sigh*  Luckily I wasn’t shy about cutting into my massive neckline and unraveling.  So now it looks more like what I thought a sweater should look like.  Jax had fun holding it up against himself and showing it off.  It isn’t too short and looks just right.  Which means it’ll be just perfect for his cousin who I am sure is not quite the toddler giant Jax is.

I’m hoping to be finished with it by the end of this week, so let’s cross our fingers!

By the way, the pattern is Scoop from Knitty under kid whimsies


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