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I need to knit a new bag August 1, 2008

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As much as I love my original knit bag, my knitting obsession has outgrown it.  Or, more accurately, the awesome huge knitting book I have is too large and heavy to be carried around in my svelte bag.  Oh darn, I’ll just have to knit a bigger and better one!

The gameplan is this.  Finish up my skein of yarn for the flying birds blanket and then pick out fabulous new yarn to cast on a lovely bag.  So I’m totally stoked because in a few more rows, my skein will probably be out and I’ll be like a giddy kid in a candy store!  The dilemma then will be this.  Order it from KnitPicks or wait ’til our next trip to town and buy it at either Prairie Yarn Store or Boucle Yarn?  Decisions decisions.  While it will be more fiscally responsible to order it from KnitPicks, I’ll be able to soft all the yarn I want at either of the LYS’s.

And just where am I on my two longest projects ever to knit?  I’m coming up fast on finishing my fifth repeat on the flying birds.  It still isn’t that big, but the more I look at it, the more I’m thinking I’m glad I only ordered the 2 skeins of yarn because now I can transform it into a color change blanket.  If it works out (I still to have to look at the colors available), I want it to start with the base green color and gradually lighten it to white.  Or, if this doesn’t work out, I’m just going to crazy with random rainbow colors.  My pointelle shawl is still sitting at approximately 12″ (maybe a bit longer or shorter; I haven’t measured it for awhile).  Shame on me.  😦  Maybe sometime this weekend I’ll be able to steal a couple hours to get something done with it.

All summer long I’ve wanted to knit a big floppy hat.  Yesterday I cast on for a cloche hat and an hour into the project read that it was a project to be felted.  I’m not working with feltable yarn.  *sigh*  I’m sure it could still look cool, but my yearning to do anything productive is at a terrible standstill.  But persevere I must, right?  On the flipside of this, the other Brittany dpn’s I have are fabulous.  They’re size 3 and wooden and amazing.  They don’t feel as flimsy as the other ones and I can only guess it’s because they’re a bigger size and longer.  Makes sense, right?  Sure it does.

Well, I better busy myself with something to do while the little terror of the high seas is at peace.  😀