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Now we’re truckin’ June 24, 2008

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Long at last I’m knitting my way through a purse.  I casted on 100 sts and am working knit/purl ribbing across 10 stitches, knitting 20, rib 10, knit 20, rib 10, knit 20, and rib 10.  Thusfar I have about 2 1/2″ knitted and it’s turning out pretty good.  I want it to be a big messenger bag and then I’m going to find some funky fabric to make a liner.

Today I placed another order with KnitPicks.  But it wasn’t yarn, so that makes it okay.  😉  I bought a knit & purl stitch book, safety pin stitch markers (I saw them on a video online and thought they looked pretty cool), and a cable needle.  I’m sick and tired of knitting cables without one!  So hopefully that makes a big difference.  If anything, make it easier.

Once I get a bit further on my knitting I’ll take some pics and post ’em!


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