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Daisy Stitch June 8, 2008

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Last night I worked on different stitches to spice up life.  Well, I saw the daisy stitch here and really really wanted to knit together a hairband from it.  Didn’t really work.  I’m not sure what was going on, but none of my daisy stitches looked like daisies.  They looked like…well, blobs of knots.  But I’m determined to learn new stitches and make the most out of them.  In between my current projects of course.  😀

It confounds me because I’m following the directions and the entire things eludes me.  Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.


Grandma’s Shawl

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On Saturday I completed the shawl for Andy’s great-grandma. There wasn’t really anywhere in the house I could get a good picture of the shawl and show off the lacy bits. So eventually I put it on the rocking chair in Jax’s room. Once the big bag Super Wal-Mart opens, I want to get some materials together and make a brooch to go with it.