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The Original June 3, 2008

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Since I posted a picture of my second purse, I thought it would be nice to post the picture of my first attempt. As you can see, this purse is longer than the other one but with a shorter strap. I’m crediting the yarn for my tighter stitches. This side of the purse was knitted with a hemp like yarn and the opposite side was made with a thicker yarn and up close you can tell that my stitches are tighter and closer together. With my second purse, I used a thicker yarn also and pulled it tight. Add tight stitches with barely just enough yarn and the result is a smaller purse. But I must admit I like the smaller one better.


Picture Perfect

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This is my finished product. Sure it looks nothing like the picture on Lion Brand Yarn, but isn’t art all about interpretation of the instructions? I absolutely love the yarn I used for the strap. The beads were an utter bitch to put on and I feel fearful that wild college parties may cause them to fall off and explode. But I left implicit instructions to NOT use it as a beer purse.

As I was taking pictures of the purse yesterday, Jax (my son) decided that he wanted to grab the purse and run around with it. He’s such a silly kid. If there any accessories lying around, he will put them on. He slips on my headbands, sunglasses and grabs a purse and will teeter totter around the house like a movie star. I’m feeling as if I should knit him a little messenger bag that he can carry around. In fact, I think I’ll put that on my list of things to knit.

Anyhow, this is the best picture I have of the purse! Keep a lookout in the next couple of days for updates on my newest project, the little slippers from Knitty.com!


Project Finito!

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I finished up Heidi’s purse today and I am sooooo relieved!  The entire project felt as if I were just relying on that last little bit of yarn or luck to pull me through.  I didn’t have enough yarn to make the strap long enough to be worn messenger style, but it looks cool nonetheless.  My son wanted to help me bead the front of the purse and as a result I stabbed my palm a few times.  Ouch!  I made a removable liner (it’s just pinned in with safety pins) so she could take it out and wash it since the purse itself is spot clean only.  Plus I’m pretty sure I would have shattered more of my sewing machine needles attempting to do it that way.  My sewing machine hates me some days.  Once I was all done and finished, I wrapped it up and wrote her a cute note, slapped it on the some scrapbook paper, put some of those cute swirly rub ons around it and chopped it up with frilly borders.  I knew that if I didn’t give it to her today, there was a huge possibility that I would keep the purse for myself.  I did manage to take a few pictures before though and I’ll work on getting those put up tomorrow.  But hurray!  I’m done!

My next project is a pair of baby slippers from Knitty.com.  Today I tested myself to see if I would even get the pattern right before I went full force into it.  So far so good until I got to the part where you connect the sole of the shoe with the toe.  There was only one stitch that managed to get right in between, otherwise everything went awesome.  So I feel confident that starting tomorrow I’ll go full force with it.